I Love You Tonight

Post-it note under my son's pillow before he went to bed

Today I stuck a post-it note under my son’s pillow before he went to bed. Kids look so peaceful when they’re asleep. We say ‘sweet dreams’ and ‘I love you’ to each other every night. I love him when he’s sleeping.


Footnote: This was my very first post back on January 1st this year. I don’t know whether to be proud or embarrassed by this post. In reflection, I can’t believe I had so little to say. Like learning to run I guess I had to walk first. A distinct memory is etched in my brain of the very first person to like this post and of how excited I was. That blogger, who has not been seen since, will always hold a special place in my heart. I hope you don’t mind bearing with me as I revert to baby steps while revisiting old posts while my attention is focussed elsewhere.




A Certain Type of Love

Love of different types.

What is it about some kids that makes them more able to outwardly express their love while others are just not the cuddly type? Is there any genetic factors at play? When the environment is the same for both how can it play out so differently for each?


If they were referred to as type A and type B; I have one of each.

Type A: fiercely independent yet anxious when facing new situations, high-strung, intelligent, realistic and happy just to ‘be’ with the ones he loves.

Type B: caring, kind and generous soul, ‘shadows’ trusted adults, smart, physically displays affection often and easy going.

While the youngest has grown up in a love-rich environment, the same as which his older brother was brought home to, Just 3 has taught his older brother a thing or two. Being a naturally loving soul has increased that loving feeling exponentially in our home.

I know my child feels love. Is it possible to teach someone how to express love?

I believe that my youngest has done just that.

A desire to be equal may be the motivation for Now 6’s acts of affection. He has learned to show the closeness of the bond of love.

When I speak of love and affection with others it leaves me pondering.

For some families, love is expressed daily. On the phone, ‘love you’ ends every call. Text messages contain love or, at the very least, a heart. Love is sent across the miles in greeting cards. While for others, love is reserved and sometimes not returned. It’s felt but not spoken. A hug might convey it but is that the same?

According to Mum who is the Google of my family history, I was never a touchy-feely child. It wasn’t imposed upon me or expected. I was told I was loved but showed little desire to express the same emotions in return. It has taken me having my own children to realise how important it is for the life of my kids. Now 6 may just be a carbon copy of me but his brother, Dad and I will provide all the chances to show love that he needs.

For a life without love is no life at all.

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I Love You Clever Clogs

I love it when you’re clever.

This is anything but an infintite waffle about how clever my kids are. It’s short, so read on if you love clogs.

There are many different ways to say, ‘I love you’ and I’ve covered a few on this blog so far. One of the other important things for me is for my kids to know, not just to hear, that I love them. Compliments are a great way to express that love using other words. When I use the expression ‘clever clogs’ I don’t mean it clogsin a condescending way. They’re not full of themselves and they don’t know everything. Heck, my kids don’t even know what clogs are. And how clever can a clog be anyway? It’s made out of wood.

When I use this expression the only thing that matters to them-the only word they hear-is clever. Whether it’s lil’ guys scribble picture, building a tower higher than the last or knowing the way to his brother’s classroom makes him clever in my book. And I’ll tell him so. He agrees of course because he’s already worked out that this is a good word. It’s a compliment or praise. It’s given in a certain tone of voice that he recognises as being a positive.

Even when when you’re in clogs,

And you resemble an elf.

I’ll tell you that I love you,

And I know you’re proud of yourself.

I think you’re pretty clever,

If I do say so myself.

I love you lots clever clogs!

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A Little I Love You

I love you-just a little bit.

Well maybe just a teeny, tiny smidge more than a little bit. Ok, I really love you a whole lot.

My little fellas give me lots of reasons to love them that bit extra though. little

My eldest can be so kind and helpful to his little brother. Watching him teach my little one about things he’s become knowledgeable about amazes me. My little man is turning 3 this month and although he is not so little anymore he will be my littlest for all eternity.

Loving them a small bit more comes with the territory when they’re unwell. Having an extra long cuddle when they’re tired gives them the additional love they’re seeking.

Grandparents are always a good source of some extra loving. The great thing is they can provide some added love while yours truly takes a temporary sojourn.

In keeping with the little theme today I’m going to cut this short and toddle off a little early.

Share a little love everyone!

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I Love Holding Your Hand in Mine

I love to hold your hands.

We hold hands when we cross the road. In the supermarket I hold your hand so you don’t take anything off the shelf and inadvertently drop it on the floor. While walking to school we hold each other’s hands so you stay close and don’t get too far ahead.

Sometimes I feel like an octopus with two tentacles suctioned on to objects. Those objects can be sticky, sweaty or just plain dirty. But I made them and I love your podgy little digits interlaced with mine (we’ll just be sure to wash before dinner). When my hands are that full of bags, drink bottles and other paraphernalia all I can offer you is my pinky which you grasp like the last lollipop left in the jar.

holding handsOn weekends we divide and conquer. You both love to swap between your dad and I, taking turns to hold onto my daintier version or dad’s masculine alternative. You adore holding onto one of each and swinging through the air after we count 1, 2, 3. Wee! Double hand holding with one of us for whizzies is also an all-time-favourite. I love to see you boys holding hands with each other. Watching my eldest guide his sibling makes me sigh and smile.

When you want to run ahead I have that fleeting feeling of what it will be like when you no longer want or need to have your hand held in mine. Like the lover who leaves on the train while her one true love stands on the platform holding each other’s hand through the open window until the train slowly chugs out of the station. Their fingers slowly slip away from each other in slow motion.

Back to reality and of course there’s the hand tugging and trying to pull away. There’s the refusal and the hiding of hands behind your back, like I can’t reach them back there. The whinging and whining for me to hold your hand as we go up a flight of stairs when I’m already half way up and you’re still on the bottom step should not bother me. The day will come when I’ll be at the bottom asking for your hand.

I don’t know what I would do if I had more children than hands. If you’d like to lend a helping hand and let me know how you deal with the hand-holding scenario with 3+ children I’d love to hear all about it.

I’d love to hold your hands forever.

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I Love You Anyway

anywayAnytime, anywhere, anyhow.

Anywhere you go, my love will follow you.

Anytime you need a shoulder, please lean on mine.

Anything you need, just ask.

There isn’t anyone who loves you more than I do.

I’ll love you in anyplace-first, second or last.

My heart is full of love for you. Anymore and it will overflow.

That’s a known fact, anyhow!

Anyway you look at it, I love you.

I Love You Unconditionally

conditions do not apply to my love for you

A mother’s and father’s love is unconditional.

‘Unconditional love: noun, affection with no limits or conditions; complete love.’

Whatever the forecast-stormy or hot. The weather conditions won’t make any difference.

Whether your room is tidy or needs a clean. It doesn’t matter.

Whenever the path gets steep or rocky, hold my hand. I’ll be there and won’t let go.

Wherever you may find yourself in the future, near or far. It won’t affect how much I care.

Whoever you choose to love in the future. It won’t change a thing.

Conditions do not apply to me loving you. I Love You unconditionally.

Guess What I Found Out Today? I Love You!


Ever since my 5 y.o. son was born my husband and I have said ‘I love you’ to him everyday. The same rules applied with our second son. By the time he came along though we had started a new tradition in our home.

Every now and again one of us would ask our eldest (he was nearly 3 by then) ‘guess what I found out today?’ In the beginning he would say, ‘what?’ The more times we did this routine the more he got used to it and would reply ‘I love you.’ Then it became a race to see whether his dad or I could finish the question before he would reply.

We love being able to convey our love for our kids in different ways. It doesn’t always have to be mushy, just known is all we care.

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I Love You When You’re Squeaky Clean

Clean and squeaky at least for a minute

There’s something about a squeaky clean body that reminds me how much I love you.

I know you have great fun in the process of getting clean: the nudie run after stripping, bubbles on your chin and in your hair, water splashed up the walls and on the floor and numerous bath toys floating around to complete the ritual.

The routine of bathing isn’t as much fun for me but the outcome is what I love. Your hair is shiny and smells clean. The texta, glue, dirt and other foreign particles are gone until tomorrow. You are just you. You are the same as the day you were born, naked, but just bigger. It reminds me that I was clever and lucky enough to have made you. ‘I made that bum,’ is one of my favourite comments.

I love your bum and every other part of you when you’re squeaky clean.