I Love You When You’re Squeaky Clean

Clean and squeaky at least for a minute

There’s something about a squeaky clean body that reminds me how much I love you.

I know you have great fun in the process of getting clean: the nudie run after stripping, bubbles on your chin and in your hair, water splashed up the walls and on the floor and numerous bath toys floating around to complete the ritual.

The routine of bathing isn’t as much fun for me but the outcome is what I love. Your hair is shiny and smells clean. The texta, glue, dirt and other foreign particles are gone until tomorrow. You are just you. You are the same as the day you were born, naked, but just bigger. It reminds me that I was clever and lucky enough to have made you. ‘I made that bum,’ is one of my favourite comments.

I love your bum and every other part of you when you’re squeaky clean.


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