A Little I Love You

I love you-just a little bit.

Well maybe just a teeny, tiny smidge more than a little bit. Ok, I really love you a whole lot.

My little fellas give me lots of reasons to love them that bit extra though. little

My eldest can be so kind and helpful to his little brother. Watching him teach my little one about things he’s become knowledgeable about amazes me. My little man is turning 3 this month and although he is not so little anymore he will be my littlest for all eternity.

Loving them a small bit more comes with the territory when they’re unwell. Having an extra long cuddle when they’re tired gives them the additional love they’re seeking.

Grandparents are always a good source of some extra loving. The great thing is they can provide some added love while yours truly takes a temporary sojourn.

In keeping with the little theme today I’m going to cut this short and toddle off a little early.

Share a little love everyone!

Image from: here.


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