I Love Holding Your Hand in Mine

I love to hold your hands.

We hold hands when we cross the road. In the supermarket I hold your hand so you don’t take anything off the shelf and inadvertently drop it on the floor. While walking to school we hold each other’s hands so you stay close and don’t get too far ahead.

Sometimes I feel like an octopus with two tentacles suctioned on to objects. Those objects can be sticky, sweaty or just plain dirty. But I made them and I love your podgy little digits interlaced with mine (we’ll just be sure to wash before dinner). When my hands are that full of bags, drink bottles and other paraphernalia all I can offer you is my pinky which you grasp like the last lollipop left in the jar.

holding handsOn weekends we divide and conquer. You both love to swap between your dad and I, taking turns to hold onto my daintier version or dad’s masculine alternative. You adore holding onto one of each and swinging through the air after we count 1, 2, 3. Wee! Double hand holding with one of us for whizzies is also an all-time-favourite. I love to see you boys holding hands with each other. Watching my eldest guide his sibling makes me sigh and smile.

When you want to run ahead I have that fleeting feeling of what it will be like when you no longer want or need to have your hand held in mine. Like the lover who leaves on the train while her one true love stands on the platform holding each other’s hand through the open window until the train slowly chugs out of the station. Their fingers slowly slip away from each other in slow motion.

Back to reality and of course there’s the hand tugging and trying to pull away. There’s the refusal and the hiding of hands behind your back, like I can’t reach them back there. The whinging and whining for me to hold your hand as we go up a flight of stairs when I’m already half way up and you’re still on the bottom step should not bother me. The day will come when I’ll be at the bottom asking for your hand.

I don’t know what I would do if I had more children than hands. If you’d like to lend a helping hand and let me know how you deal with the hand-holding scenario with 3+ children I’d love to hear all about it.

I’d love to hold your hands forever.

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8 thoughts on “I Love Holding Your Hand in Mine

  1. We love this! It’s very moving. ‘The day will come when I’ll be at the bottom (of the stairs) asking for your hand – This is so lovely but so sad at the same time! I always hold monkey’s hand, well paw, when we’re out. xx

    • Great to see you here Monkey and Millie. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I just know I’ll be that frail old lady one day. Even if I’m not frail I’ll use the old as an excuse to hold their hand once again.

      • aah monkey and millie would love to have an old persons hand to hold. Sometimes millie holds granny’s hand when crossing the street but if granny spots a charity shop then whooosh she’s away and Millie has to let go! We like reading your blog so thank you for writing it!

      • Oh Granny, slow down! Don’t get me started on charity/op shops. That’s another post just waiting to be written. Drop by anytime Monkey and hold Millie’s hand please.

  2. I still love it when they grasp hold of a single finger and follow like a little monkey. I love it even when i think you are ok then i hear,”Dad, hand pweease”. Gold!

  3. Ohh, it does ache a bit when they no longer want or need to hold your hand. But replacing this sorrow, is a pride for how they are now capable and grown – but it does still ache.
    I do have more children than hands, but as I have just mentioned; the eldest no longer really needs me to hold hers so if I have all three children with me the eldest will stand on the other side of the youngest; offering a little extra security to the littlest.
    But if I just have the eldest or the eldest and one other – I still insist on holding hands when crossing the road. Because I know before too long, the need for this will also fade.

    • I’ll keep all that in mind. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I can imagine you all walking side-by-side. Paints a lovely picture. Thanks again for reading and taking the time to comment.

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