I Love Playdough and You

playdoughSquish it, mold it, roll it, love it!

My 2 y.o is having an affair of the heart with playdough.

It’s a daily activity at our place at the moment. Whether I’m home or he has one of the two wonderful Nan’s caring for him in our home, playdough features in his play schedule.

He can happily play with the squishy stuff for an hour or so. Other days he’s happy to have a short rendezvous with the containers of moldable mix.

I enjoy playing with the little guy as he bakes and makes all types of edible delights. The hotdogs, apples and biscuits in an array of colours must look so delectable because he has been known to eat his creations. Now we’re down to just the occasional lick. Thank goodness he’s only ensuring he has appropriate salt levels.

I appreciate that he is developing his fine motor skills as he rolls and shapes. He has a bundle of fun but like most children his age he shows little desire to pack up and abandons his first love in a heart beat. I always ask him to come and clean up and put away all the tools of his trade. The smile it puts on his dial is worth the mess that he makes. Mum’s left with the cast off blobs and bits that make a mini rainbow when collected together. I do love the fact that the easiest way to pick up playdough is with playdough.

So the playdough that was also a favourite for my eldest in the past,  has entertained, amused, delighted and allowed itself to be loved many times over is now looking a little worse for wear. Colours have morphed together, there’s ripples of  green through the red, some are a little crusty edged and many have collected other debris, like crumbs and hair from the kitchen table or floor.

The playdough will continue to be loved until the end of days or until replaced with the dreaded plasticene.

I’m feeling the love for the coloured balls of fun.

Image from: here.


3 thoughts on “I Love Playdough and You

  1. My son’s nine and could still spend an hour moulding clay. He makes all kinds of interesting ‘creatures’ out of them – boys don’t like ‘pretty’ things. Of late, I’ve stopped buying it but it’s one product that’s given me hours of pleasure – I’d sit and read to myself and he’d mould with clay besides me.

    • Too true! My boys make snails and other critters. The closest we come to pretty is biscuits and hotdogs. I’ll be sure to keep investing until they’ve had their fill of dough, clay, etc. Maybe your son would appreciate a new batch for his18th!

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