Run For Your Love

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Running out of love.

Are you a walker or is jogging your thing? Do you pound the pavement religiously?

I’ll be honest with you.

I’m a walker. At best, I’m a jogger. Today I did a 1k circuit with my students. Their times were all around the 3 minute mark per lap. Most of them did 3 laps. I did two, at a jog, and managed that in just over 10 minutes.

I was pretty proud of my time as it’s the first time I’ve jogged because I felt like it in maybe 2 years (and keeping in mind I’ve got some 25+ years on my charge of whipper-snappers).

I normally jog only out of necessity.

Like when you’ve got your dressing gown and ugg boots on, it’s raining outside and the morning paper sits on the lawn; yeah that might be worth a jog. The main motivation being, not to get caught out by the neighbours and having to read a soggy paper. Otherwise, no chance.

I don’t run. Not unless I have to. Like when one of the kids is several metres away, falls badly and seeks immediate help. When danger is imminent and moving swiftly becomes a priority.

Running is reserved for those moments where a quick sprint is a primal response. If a mugging was on the cards I’d hightail it like the Bolt himself.

Other than that, I like a nice stroll. That’s my thing. Leisurely strolls at a pace that matches Just 3. That I can handle.

So I’ll just stick to running with you on the inside-where it counts.

Have a lovely run!

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30 thoughts on “Run For Your Love

  1. Walking all the way. I tried one if those jogging apps but it got too hard 😦 but my kids still ask if I’m going for a run every time I put runners on!!

  2. The only time in my life I got into running was to run off frustration and sadness and make my boyfriend proud (he had just joined the air force and I couldn’t see him or barely talk to him for weeks). I’ve since realised I hate running :p I am with you! I like walking because you actually have a chance to look around and appreciate where you are!

    Ps I appreciate metres. Not kilometres though :-P.

    • My mind runs constantly and it’s funny because the faster I move the less it has a chance to think. That’s probably because it is spending so much time coordinating my movements it doesn’t have time to do anything else. I must try and take in my surroundings more when walking rather than just worrying about getting from A to B.

      I guess the saying is, walk a mile in my shoes’, not a kilometre. 🙂

    • I did actually enjoy it…just quietly. It was a jog, however, not a run.

      Ah, yes the toddler run. I’m still doing that one too.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  3. i am a runner, though i cannot find the time to do it. The best is running the boys, which is not running with them, per se, – their dust maybe! and Pee, well, though she has three legs, she can run, but she prefers her stopping and sniffing technique, which doesn’t not bode well with trying to run. I hope to run this weekend – no boys, bringing home paperwork, catching up on the reader (I am thinking about changing my theme) and get an oil change – and grocery shopping and cleaning. I should hopefully find a good 10 mins to run??? 🙂

  4. I’m a walker. One of my best buddies and I walk regularly. Its an 8km country walk with two savage hills.. We set the world to rights and get up to date on each others lives. She is the mum of the boy who has leukemia so is not working at the moment. The weeks she is around we walk maybe 3 times. Then my other friends told me I was loosing so much weight, so I was able to tell her that her sons illness was killing me! Mind you it will pile back on when he goes to transplant and we are not walking for three months. I was a good runner but absolutely hate running!

    • 8kms is a fair hike. I am in awe.

      I wish to walk far more than I do at the moment. Maybe when the youngest starts school.

      Please pass on thoughts and prayers from here in Australia to your friend’s son.

      • Thank you. July 17th!! We are all sick with anticipation and hope. We are having a lovely time at the moment as he is only on maintenance chemo, so he is well, cheeky and fun again. I’ll pass on your thoughts and prayers.

      • Unfortunately I can’t run now either due to my hamstring tear so I’ve been swimming but it’s just not the same. I don’t get bursts of inspiration because I’m too busy remembering what lap I’m on. I’ve tried to just swim for a certain timeframe but my anal side wants to know how far I’ve gone. Damn left brain!

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