a loving dedication

I often feel humble but never more than I am today.
Kimberly has gone above and beyond to create a poem for me.
Yes, me!
I am honoured, flabbergasted and chuffed to bits. This is, by far, the nicest thing a fellow blogger has ever done for me. To create a poem and dedicate to myself means more than free little words can express.
Kimberly, you are nothing short of awesome.
Thank you.

Words4jp's Blog

we love you.

because we love you,

we know that you must love you


part of you loving yourself is

you loving those around you

that you love so much.


because we love you,

we want you to go…..


love yourself

& those you love so much

because this is WHAT we love about you –

how much you love others

and sharing your love

with us!

post script: This piece was written for a wonderful women and my friend Kelly, who lives across the pond and Down Under. We know her as Free Little Words – https://freelittlewords.wordpress.com
Kelly is a ‘lovely’ writer and if you visit her blog, you will see that every word of every post comes from a loving place. The above words came as a result of one her pieces in which she discusses taking some time away from blogging to…

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