Love Goes On

Love the life you live.

There are those that may feel, on some days, positive life quotes should go kiss their patootie. Maybe you’d like to drop kick it out the nearest window. Grind it to a pulp with your fists?

This one is all glittery so maybe give it a chance?!

Are you good at living life to the fullest? Can you change your perspective based on thought alone? Or does it take action?

When I feel like life’s giving me the middle finger because shitty things are happening around me, I just go looking for hope in the form of love.

I have to; need to, because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to drag myself out of the funk.

I don’t do stress very well. I don’t wear it; able to shrug it off like a coat. It consumes me from the core all the way to the surface.

Over the past 5 months I have read many of these ‘love’ related quotes, sayings, affirmations. I’ve stared at hearts and scrolled through 1000’s of images. And it works.

I may not have gained 10,000 followers in my first week of blogging or been asked to write a feature article on love. But I am still a winner. I got the reward I sought.


There is more love in my heart than ever before. I am a better mum, wife, friend and, most importantly, a better me.

So if you’re feeling like crap and you’d like to believe that you can feel better than you do right now read the quote above. Heck, read it 100 times. While you’re reading it your brain will be busy processing that. It’ll give you some time off from the other thoughts and help serve as a reminder to love your life.

We all know we only get one. Would you wish the way you feel about your life on someone else? If not, why would you want it that way for yourself?

After all, life goes on.

Live or love life?

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9 thoughts on “Love Goes On

  1. Your 3boys love living life with a loving mummy. To watch you grow so much with your writing and the way it seems to come with such simplicity is amazing, and a testament to who you are. Who needs positive quotes etc. when all you need is the latest post from Free Little Words. That’s why soooo many of your fellow bloggers & followers LOVE your Free little Words.

  2. I agree with Steve, John and, of course our fellow ‘teer’. I realize I get a bit dark, but this is me getting rid ‘junk’ so i can let the love shine through – which i know is there and you and Kira and my bloggerbuds alwyas remind me, when i get a little lost:) xx

    • We all offload at times. I’ve used my blog to help me work out a number of issues or when I’m just feeling a little cruddy.

      Let Love Shine
      Sounds like a good post title to me (or a haiku for you).

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