Love-Filled Home


My home is filled with love….

and noise,

and fun,

and chaos,

and nuts,

and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

What’s your home filled with?

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18 thoughts on “Love-Filled Home

  1. dog hair everywhere, the boys cannot clean their room, i left the house this morning at 5:15 – bed not made. desk is a mess, have piles of folders on the floor and did i say that the boys’ room is a disaster?

      • Okay. I will remember this – I maybe there myself:) unless of course I am living in my personal wing of Jordan’s mansion (he promised) when he becomes the next Spielberg, which then means you can stop by on your way to Hawaii – or visit whenever:)

      • Sounds brilliant. A whole wing. Yeah I could handle staying a while. Is a year too long?
        Hey, can you do me a quick favour when you have a chance and check out today’s face transplant and tell me honestly what you think?

      • I like it. It is a more grown-up look, if that makes any sense. I am happy you kept your gravatar, because # 1 – I think it is adorable and #2 – I believe it epitomizes who you are and your writing. Me likey!

      • I’ll probably do a bit more adjusting. I just wasn’t sure if the grey/black background is too dark compared to the start contrast of black text on white. Might do a shout out to the peeps on the weekend. Thank you for having a look see. I guess it was about time I grew up! 🙂

  2. My home is filled with smell of dinner in the re-heated in the microwave, the sight of piles of laundry, and the sound of shouting over the sounds of wrasslin’ boys. In other words: love. 🙂

  3. Mine is filled with 3 Golden Retrievers…and 4 other dogs when my best friend drops of hers for some Auntie dog sitting! Smells of great home cooked southern food. And when it’s cold a fire in the fire place…tons of laughter too! 🙂

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