I Love A Man in Uniform!

I Love Men at Work


Code is being loaded into dump trucks and the excavators are currently dealing with categories. The cement mixers are laying a new foundation and the cranes are relocating the awards. All this for a new look! The old construction has been condemned and not maintained to the standard required.

A front row seat has been reserved for you at the grand re-opening where the previous management will still continue to maintain the quality customer relations you have come to expect.

Free Little Words will be back to business as usual on Saturday 20.4.13.

Please be advised that management will continue to keep in contact with you via the Reader and comments.

Love working with this crew.

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Love-Filled Home


My home is filled with love….

and noise,

and fun,

and chaos,

and nuts,

and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

What’s your home filled with?

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Maid With Love For You

I was maid for loving you.


The maid’s got her work

cut out for her today

When she sees this mess

‘I quit,’ she’ll likely say.

The T.V is on

and nobody cares

There’s mud on the sofa

shoes left on the stairs.

Lego litters the hallway

There’s crumbs on the floor

And who put fingerprints

all over the door?

Three loads of washing

and dinner to prepare

How does she do this?

It’s almost unfair.

Wet and soggy towels

piled in a heap.

Where’s the pet frog?

Did I just see something leap?

Crayon on the ceiling

Shampoo on the tile

Is it really that hard

to wipe them once in a while?

Toothpaste on the mirror

Dishes in the sink

Cornflake encrusted bowls

I’m almost on the brink!

Where’s she gone?

This place is a mess

What’s stuck on the table

is anybody’s guess.

These floors need doing

before the kids get back.

It’s pretty clear then

I’ll have to give her the sack.

Is it her day off?

Where can she be?

Oh, I plum forgot

The maid is me!



Maid with love.

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