I Love You More Today

moreI love you more today than yesterday.

Just when I think it is not possible to love you anymore than I already do, you manage to make my heart feel fuller than it has ever been.

It might be the look of concentration on your face as you build a block tower higher than yesterday’s. Or your confidence doing backwards rolls off the lounge that you weren’t able to do the day before. Or the new words that spill forth from your mouth that you didn’t know a short time ago.

My love grows as you do. Tomorrow you’ll show me more reasons to love you. You might tree-hug my leg when I’m least expecting it or tell me you love me just because.

No matter how much mess you make, how loud you are or how disagreeable you may be, as long as I don’t let tomorrow come without having told you I love you at least once, I’m happy.

I’ll love you for all of my tomorrows.

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Foot note: I re-read this today more as a reminder to myself than anything else. Tomorrow sees the school holidays start here in South Australia and I’m looking forward to the arrival of 2.15pm. Following that is 17 days where my primary responsibility will be entertainment coordinator to my two nuggets and writing will take a back seat. There’ll be no forgetting to say, ‘I love you’, but I might need to take many more cleansing deep breaths than normal.


15 thoughts on “I Love You More Today

  1. We have three months holidays for older kids and two months for younger ones so by the time September comes I will be posting a very different post to the one you have above.

  2. Beautiful Kelly. Sometimes – pretty much all the time, i look at my boys and gets this truly overwhelming feeling inside. I just love them so much. xxx

    enjoy your summer holiday:)

  3. Yes, I can relate to the cabin fever of the holidays, being a week into them myself.

    But also today, I looked across at Miss-Almost-Eight and it dawned on me that she had her father’s eyes. Wrapped up in that, is the fact that she shares similar sensitivities with her father; it was truly as though ‘the eyes were windows to the soul’. With that, my heart swelled and then flipped.

    Then I think it panicked momentarily as I questioned my ability to parent a female version of him!

    • Those aha moments can take us by surprise. I have a male version of me and a mini hubby to contend with. It really is quite astonishing to face a miniature version of one’s self or partner.

  4. In through the nose, out through the mouth! They will definitely keep you on your toes. I think most parents need a vacation after their kids have been on vacation from school! I hope you have wonderful time with them and that you get to steal some “mommy time” moments too! xoxo

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