Love is in the Hands of Fate

Holding a heart in cupped hands. Love and health care concept.Did that song on the radio play just for me, right at that moment, for a reason? If I turn around three times on the spot while patting my head and rubbing my stomach will that make one iota of difference?

Fate revealed itself in the few short minutes it took to drive the post box last night. Or did it? You be the judge.

By nature, I’m not superstitious. Being born on the 13th I embrace black cats, limbo under ladders, scoff at broken mirrors, 13, is naturally, my favourite number and I leave umbrellas open inside to dry. Actually I’m not sure on the last one – I think it’s just considered unlucky.

Luck is not something I rely upon or base my life around. That may have to change though.

For the moment I’m sticking with fate and I hope it is kind to me. I’ve done everything in my power and now the lap of the gods is where my little manuscript sits. Yes, editors are god-like figures to me right now. Soon enough though, they may be compared to the devil.

My family and I started a new little ‘tradition’ that will precede every letter that leaves our house to make its way to a publishing house. Each of us sealed that letter with a kiss (I did wipe the boys’ faces first to make sure none of their dinner was evident on the envelope). I dressed for the occasion and grabbed my keys. The song on the radio in the car was turned up loud. One last check of the address as I stood at the post box had me hesitating. Post the damn letter. Someone you know might see you in your track pants and ugg boots. What were you thinking, leaving the house wearing them?

Deed done. Return home and think.

Stop thinking otherwise it’s going to be a long three months.

I threw in a bit of love for good luck. A new tradition/superstition has begun. Fate will play her hand in due course.

I’d love it if you could join in the lunacy. If it’s lucky undies or other nonsensical doings that are crucial to your fate, please share your superstitions with all 13 of us.

Post script-this song had me singing all the way to the drop zone. Sheppard are Australian and they’ll be sure to let me down easy.


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18 thoughts on “Love is in the Hands of Fate

  1. Went through the same process of query, query. query. Decided to use e-mails in the end. Good luck. ( Oh with e-mails you don’t kiss the computer but the thought is still the same).

    • I’m not sure what I said or did that made any difference.

      Today I’ve gone through ‘don’t give up-ever’ and ‘do I really want to do this?’ stages of thought all within a couple of hours. All this, only 12 hours after posting that darn envelope. What are the next 89 days going to be like? Aaaaarrrgghhhh.

      A post entitled, ‘7 stages of emotion for tortured writers’ is forming in my brain.

      Keep smiling or send in the squirrels. 🙂

  2. Nope, not superstitious here – except I do believe the moon influences behaviour – I need to find out more about this though. Ahhh! Glad I’m not the only one to duck out of the house still in my uggs and trackies just every now and then!

    • The moon definitely does. What about that supermoon we had 2 weeks ago? 3 or 4 nights in a row of brightly lit night sky.

      Uggies are only beaten by bare feet. I never go out with naked tootsies.

  3. Fresh sheets on New Year’s, salt over the shoulder, don’t walk under ladders and the No. 13 does give me pause. I admire you for mailing the manuscript and I think you probably won’t need any luck at all. Just in case, though, I’ll send you some best wishes from Wisconsin.

    • Time will tell, as they say.
      I need to work on the next one now to avoid spending the next three months in suspense.

      Thanks for thinking of me! I hope the editor is having a good day, the day s/he opens mine!

  4. 13 is my lucky number. It was my number when I played soccer and my daughter was born on that day. Good things have always happened to me on the 13th. So I’m not superstitious and I don’t believe in luck but I do believe in signs, little nudges from God, the universe, that guide you toward your purpose and your happiness. Good luck with the submissions Kelly.

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