Rebellious Love

rebellion‘What’s gotten into you today?’

‘Why are you behaving that way?’

‘That’s just plain silly, that is.’

These phrases have passed my lips many times. Normally I’m talking to a kid-my own or one of the many intelligent students that I have met when teaching.

Today, though, these words were aimed at myself.

Have you had a day where there’s just a touch of silly about you? Conformity just not cutting the mustard?

Today was my day.

I taught a class of Year 3’s today at a school that has over 1000 students. After finishing my paid duties for the day I walked with one of the students out of the classroom. Her mum and I have been friends for many years. She’s also a teacher and we hadn’t seen each other for a couple of months.

Her daughter told me that her mum picked her up from the kiss and drop. For those who are unfamiliar with this term- stop car, kiss child, they get out and you drive off. In the afternoons-join cue of cars, drive like a nonagenarian, reach front of cue, child jumps in and then you drive off. No stopping for more than a few seconds. You can’t get out unless you want to be berated by seething parents desperate to un/load their cargo. This procession is overseen by a teacher who directs the flow. Some are very serious about their role and are tyrants. Others are a little more lax and more likened to a traffic cop whose stuck on duty past shift change.

Being as I am a responsible adult I herded my friend’s daughter across the cul-de-sac between cars when they had stopped for the next child to begin their journey homeward bound. Her mum’s car was about 12th in the cue to leave so I had the chance to fit in a 2 minute conversation with her as she rolled around to the pick-up point.

We disposed of pleasantries quickly and did a quick catch up while I was on foot next to her car. Promising to see each other soon, she departed the mayhem.

As I walked past the teacher on duty I was given a stern look and I believe she said something about safety.

‘My apologies,’ I replied without missing a beat.

As I walked with a bit of a swagger to my car, I could not help but smirk. My brain was registering the ‘rebel’ label and it felt good.

I drove past that teacher as I left the teacher’s car park and turned my head so she couldn’t see and poked my tongue out.

Apparently the dutiful, responsible and role-model aspects of my personality had clocked off when the bell went at the end of the day today.

Rebel without a cause, you betcha! I fit that bill today.

The rule maker was the rule breaker today.

I’d love it if you don’t tell my kids though.

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18 thoughts on “Rebellious Love

  1. I have had this happen to me many times and no worries – your secret is safe with me. I must say, i do not miss the kiss and drop days – the parents who cut you off as you are moving your car up the line and they decide that their Mercedes or big SUV (more like trucks) do not belong waiting in line – in the back of the line and taking turns like everyone else – and talking on their cell phone when in the US – cell phones in any school zone prohibited! Let me say the kiss and drop gave me high blood pressure and a headache. Thankfully – no one ever saw the middle finger I stuck up at them (in which my hand was really down by my ankle!). Yes – rebels unite!

    • 10 trips through the kiss and drop every week will probably do my head in.

      I’m not even at that stage yet. I have to park and walk. The things we do.

      I don’t know how you do everything that you do. How many children do you have and are you home schooling them all?

      Are there any other hidden talents you haven’t told us about yet?

  2. Oh wow. We have nothing like this here. If you tried to enforce it i’d say there’d be mayhem. The Irish don’t do rules very well and definitely don’t do being told what to do. I am laughing just at the vision I’m getting. i saw this on Desperate Housewives and thought it was exaggerated. Great post. When I was at school I used to put up two fingers under the table if a teacher annoyed me. No one except me saw it. I still do it but in my head now. You are more polite.

  3. HeeHee! I knew you were a mus”K”teer for a good reason. I like that streak of rebelliousness in you, K. I would be such a bad influence on you!

    • It’s been there all along. I have only masqueraded under the guise of love.
      I am more tame now than I was in years gone by but it lingers under the surface……

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