I Love You Like No Other

I love my kids like no tulipsother.

Until I had my own children I ‘loved’ all children equally. As well as being known as ‘Mum’ to two now, I have been ‘teacher’ to thousands of children across the state. There are no red tulips when I am teaching. Everyone is an equal and no one is treated better than another. Each student is a yellow tulip but I foster the belief that each of them, as individuals, should perceive themselves to be that red tulip. The only one in a field of flowers-unique, amazing and capable of things beyond their expectations.

My own children are red tulips to me. They each have distinct qualities that set them apart from each other but I love them equally. They have their own distinguishing charateristics, some not so admirable and others that make them downright gorgeous!

My boys should grow up knowing there’s no one in the competition of being them. They’re a once-in-all-history event. One in a million. One of a kind.

I love you like no other because there’s nobody quite like you.

Image from: here.


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