I Love You When School Starts

back to schoolI love you when you go back to school.

And for many reasons other than the obvious. It’s a fresh start, a new year. It’s like having the ability to wipe the slate clean and start anew.

This morning your collar is straight, buttons done up, you don’t have bed hair and there’s no streak of toothpaste across your cheek. We’re running early which probably won’t happen again all year. You look ready to begin this year’s journey.

There’s something about new stationery too. Pencils, pots, glue sticks, textas and books all brand-spanking new. You share my stationery ‘fettish’ and your eyes bug out of your head when you spy your named pencil pot.  Inside the pot they’re all shiny and pointy, just begging to be used. It won’t be long before they’re chewed, lost, broken, worn out or covered in gunk.

Your bag is in its place. Lunch and hat inside. The bell goes and it’s time for you to get down to business. We say goodbye with a big kiss and hug that fills my heart with joy and pride. It overflows as you hug your brother like you won’t see him for a month.

This is the second best part of my day. It’s only outranked by picking you up when school finishes.

I love you when school starts. Have a super day!


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