I Love You in the Summertime

writing in sandSummertime: sea, swimming, sandcastles. How I love summer with my boys.

Today it’s a 37c day so we pack our car to go to the beach. We have all the essentials plus all the things the boys love to take (boogie board, shovels, spades, footy, etc.).

I remember loving the beach as a kid. As an adult, not so much.

Sand is not one of my favourite things. It gets into every orifice known to man. It causes friction rash between your thighs and it sticks to the sunscreen all over your body. I’m sure sandwiches got their name after someone ate theirs on a seaside holiday. Hair resembles straw when it dries after a paddle in the deep blue. Getting into that hot car after you’ve had a dip is the icing on the cake. Heaven help you if you forgot to put the sunshade on the windscreen.

On the plus side you’re thoroughly exfoliated when you leave, like spending several hours at the spa. Then there’s the sand removal from every item you took with you when you get home. It will be evident in the car, however, for weeks to come. Oh, the joy!

So why do I go?

In short, because the kids LOVE it. A trip to the beach is like a mini holiday. There’s things to explore, things to collect, things to do and things to see. Fish and chips is our cuisine of choice. Dining on the grass of the foreshore is preferable to on the sand. Building sandcastles (with a moat of course) rates high on the list of activities for both the boys. The eldest loves to collect shells and use them to decorate the top of the turret. The squeals of delight as they chase seagulls or run away from the approaching waves puts a smile on my face every time. Soon they’ll be heading off to the coast for lazy sunny days in their own cars with their mates.

I’ll love every moment of the summertime with my boys while I can. Promise!

Photo from: here.


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