I Love You When You’re Sleeping

sleepingGuest Post by Belinda Tidswell.

I love you when you’re sleeping.

“The only thing worth stealing is a kiss from a sleeping child.”- Joe Houldsworth

I used to sit there for hours when my kids were babies and watch them peacefully sleep. They looked so cute and innocent. Then they would wake up and that vision quickly fades from your memory, wrapped up in all that the day throws at you, feeding, nappies, vomit!

Now that my babies are a bit older, I still check on them each night before I go to bed. I sleepily take each of them to the toilet and give them a final cuddle, sometimes more for me than for them. It’s still nice to have contact with them but hear no sound. Pure bliss! There’s no, “Mum, he hit me on the head with a car,” or, “Mum, she’s got my teddy”. I am not a fan of listening to the sibling battles in our house. My ears are very sensitive to the screeching and screaming that accompanies it! I like calm and quiet.

I especially loved you both when Grandma and Grandpa had you to sleep over at their house recently when my other half and I celebrated our anniversary. It felt very strange to go to dinner and not have to worry about discipline and the slight embarrassment of unexpected events that accompany public outings with children. It’s funny how my husband and I spent half the evening talking about our children. I did miss that I didn’t get to tuck them in and kiss them goodnight.

I know I had better enjoy their sleepy moments while I can. As they get older they will start to think I am a bit weird, checking on them in the middle of the night! Unless I have reason, that is, to believe they’ve escaped out of their bedroom window to go to a party!

Sleep well and sleep in my loves. xxx

(Bonus point for those of you who find the ‘hearts’ in today’s image).

For those who dare to care this is Belinda’s debut as a blogger. She is my go-to-girl for everything-all things kiddish, groaning and, most importantly, wine. I would like to publicly offer my sincere heartfelt thanks to Belinda for taking the time to write this. I know you pondered every word Bel and I think that shows in the fine blog entry you have created.

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The Ideas You Love to Have

What a lovely idea!

The light’s on but it might pay to check if anybody’s home. It seems that little revelations are par for the course today. I’m just not sure if they’re occuring inside a head that’s capable of light bulb moments today.

Thursdays seem to be a wall day for me. I don’t hit it. I can’t put my shoulder to it and break my way through. It flattens me to paper thin.

As I sit here in my unkempt home I know something’s off-kilter. Things around here normally reflect the fact that I’m pretty house proud. Not today. I don’t care. My youngest sits here playing with playdough while he eats it and we have a dialogue about why we shouldn’t eat it-just pretend to. Everyone’s happy. The sun is shining. My brain whizzes at its normal speed but it’s just not idea bright idea light globe love ideassure which direction it should be heading in.

You see, I’ve had an idea. I don’t think it’s a good day to have a bright idea. I’m not capable of processing it today but I’m not sure if I’ll remember it tomorrow. Maybe it’ll just be replaced with another idea because my grey matter seems to fire them off at regular intervals. This one’s another blog idea but that just makes my mind boggle because I spend quite a bit of time here already. Do I have anymore minutes in my day to spare? No. Can I leave my house unclean indefinitely? Um, no. So where do I pull more time from? I have NO idea!

I’ts similar when one of the boys has an idea. I try to focus on what their idea is but my mind always sneaks back to, ‘where are we going to find the time for that?’ or ‘when is that going to fit in?’ They’re always full of ideas and I adore the index finger in the air that accompanies their wonderful brainwaves. My little one’s idea of a good idea normally includes food or play. Pretty easy to manage. The big guy’s ideas normally involve going out or making stuff. A little more involved and a bit more time consuming. Still fairly easy to manipulate into a day.

Had any good ideas lately you’d be prepared to go public with?

Love your idea.

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I Love You at Any Cost

cost money can't buy loveLove doesn’t cost a dime.

Thank goodness! People everywhere would be shelling out a whole heap more cash if you had to go and purchase it at the store or online.

So whether you’re ‘classified’ as residing in the uppercrust of today’s society, good old-fashioned working class or the working poor you can give your children love with the best of them.

I may not have a money tree but I have a mountain of love for my boys. With one at school and one still at home I work part time to provide a little extra income for our family. I could work full time but choose not to so I can spend time with my youngest before he heads off to kindy next year. We can’t afford to go on overseas holidays or indulge their every whim but we provide bucketloads of love from which they can fill their pails. Once they’re both at school their teachers will see them more waking hours than I do. So I’m not willing to sacrifice this time I love for money.

Imagine having to add love to the cost of the weekly food bill! The little monsters angels cost enough as it is. The in-depth research I conducted on news.com states that the Federal Government in Australia estimates that it costs $384,543 to raise a child to 18. To break it down that’s approx $21,000 per year x by how many children in your family. For me that equals one massive hole in each pocket. All is well though because Love = Free.

I love you freely.

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Naturally, I Love You!

We love natureNaturally I love my kids. I love the fact that they naturally love me too (most of the time).

I also love the fact that they get to experience some natural wonders at home. We live in a suburban area that backs onto natural scrub and rural properties and are, therefore, very fortunate to have some overnight visitors and home-stay guests.

Featuring in the parade of wildlife we have seen are echidnas, koalas, kangaroos, blue tongue lizards, possums, bats, sleepy lizards, scorpions and brown snakes. Of the feathered variety are rosellas, rainbow lorikeets, black cockatoos and owls. The koala in this photo regularly stays a night or two in a ghost gum in our backyard. He’s a true ‘local’ who spent many a night up our tree as a youngster clinging to his mother’s back before flying solo. He’s aptly been named ‘Blinky’ and the kids check daily to see if he’s around.

The only trouble with nature’s neighbours is that the nocturnal ones can be a little on the rowdy side. On occasion my eldest will know we have a koala in the backyard before he gets up because he has heard it the night before. Have you ever heard the noise a koala makes? It puts the words cute, soft and cuddly right out of your brain.

I also love watching my boys try and catch a gecko by the tail. I have vivid memories of being successful at this when I was a kid. I screamed when the gecko’s tail continued to wriggle for quite some time after it had become detached from the gecko by way of my vice-like grip. The only thing I do worry about is the snakes. I’d rather my boys never see a brown or black snake in our yard but they know what they should do if one crosses their path.

Naturally I love my kids. That’s how nature intended it to be. It’s only natural!