I Love You Treasure

heart made of hand prints

Evidence of you is all around our home. Toys in the lounge room, dishes in the sink, pictures you’ve drawn on the fridge and photos of you on the wall.

When you were born we had your hands and feet cast, dipped in gold paint and framed so we would never forget how little you were when you began your life with us. As I look at that frame it occurs to me that I don’t stop very often to actually take note of how small you were. I treasure that frame, and your brother’s frame, and will have more time in years to come to notice those details more frequently.

Right now I see the handprints you leave on the T.V, the wall, the door, the table and any other surface you come into contact with. Each week I try to wipe away any evidence that you’ve left on surfaces all in an attempt to have a clean home. The handprints in the photo were special ones that you made as a gift for your dad and I with the accompanying poem:

I know you wipe some away,

but these handprints were made to stay.

So keep them forever, a treasure they’ll be.

A special ‘I Love You’ for you from me.

So I’d just like you to understand that I love you, treasure, and I’ll remind you everyday even as I wipe those other handprints away.