For All The Girls My Sons Have Not Yet Loved

Under the branches of a gum tree bending in the wind, Peta and Connor’s eyes were fixed on their shoes.

Neither was concerned with the wintry weather nor that some of their closest friends were not in attendance. They were to be married today in front of over 400 people. 

In keeping with tradition, the pair were united with a kiss.

As the bride ran over to join the girls, the groom was overheard to say, ‘I thought we were just going to hug. Before I knew it she just came at me and kissed me.’

Beaming with a mixture of pride and shock, the mother of the bride said that any thoughts of a honeymoon have been postponed until these two 6 year olds turn 21.

Having two boys, 6 and 3, I thought time was on my side.

In anticipation of what is to come, a rethink began.

While neither of them have had a girlfriend yet, preparations will need to be made.

I have high expectations for them, and of them.

It is with this in mind that I, as their mum, do solemnly promise that:

  • my boys will be surrounded with positive role models from which to learn
  • my boys will show respect and learn how to treat girls and women as ladies
  • they will never arrive empty handed on a doorstep
  • they will learn how to say sorry from the bottom of their heart because they will make mistakes
  • flowers and chocolates are thoughtful but are not the way into a ladies heart, good books or bed
  • behaving like you’re with ‘the boys’ should be reserved for when you’re actually with the boys
  • they will learn what it takes to be considered a true gentleman
  • ‘I love you’ should only be said if you truly feel it
  • while my heart is still beating, they will never use social media to announce the demise of your relationship
  • I will dry the tears and hug him if you break his heart, then remind him, once again, of all of the above.

As my 6 year old ventures onto the oval at school during his lunch break, he need not think of love. It will find him in due course and I’ll do my darnedest to help him be ready.

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13 thoughts on “For All The Girls My Sons Have Not Yet Loved

  1. I am always joking my nearly nineteen year old son about how I will hate his girlfriend when ever he gets one. One Sunday at dinner my youngest was saying we would have enough room at the table if my eldest brought home a boyfriend and if my son had a girlfriend. I jokingly corrected her and said we would only have room for one extra, but my sons girlfriend could sit in the hall! I am really only joking and I would of course be most welcoming, but he is my only son!

    • We mums seem to be more protective of our sons and the dads of their daughters. Do you think my generalisation is near the truth? As I said, I have high expectations so if she is chewing gum, twirling her hair or saying ‘like’ every third word in each sentence she’d be lucky to sit in my hall.

      • Ha ha.I have to agree with you there! My only hope for him is that he has three sisters so knows well the working of a girls mind. I have a friend whose eldest is 19 and he is going out with a girl who is very much in control. She bosses him something dreadful.Can you imagine it?

      • I will have to enlist the help of my niece on a regular basis then.
        I wouldn’t wish for my son to have a replica me as a girlfriend (teachers can be a little bit on the bossy side-comes with the territory).

  2. I love the title as well. I think about this a lot of the time as well. I hope the girls they grow up to love are loved in return by my little men all grown up. Us mums, we worry before it even happens.

  3. Ahhhh – I agree with you on all points. My boys have each had a ‘girlfriend’ which lasted a short amount of time. They got tired of the girls very quickly – Jordan says girls are too needy:) I know I have two wonderful young men, who are very sensitive and mannerly. They have certainly seen what a bad relationship can be and how it affects everyone involved (case in point their dad and I). All I can do is wait and see – maybe this will be the year one of my boys will go to a school dance – for the first time! (Jordan did not see the point in going to prom – thought is was a waste of time, unless he could take his ‘sister’ – he would have had the hairiest date!)

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