Love is in the Wind

Love is not a virgin on the Guest Blogger scene anymore. I did the deed over at Merbear’s this week.

Merbear's World


The wind may change direction at any given point during this post and may have dire consequences. I’ll probably be wearing one of those constipated expressions and be stuck with it. I’ll also apologise now to Merbear, if her follower count hits rock bottom as a result of the possibly funky smell left wafting past your nose by the time you finish cutting through all this crap.

See over at my hangout it’s all about the love. Feeling the love, sharing the love and sometimes questioning, ‘where is the love?’ That in itself is enough to give anyone the shits right there!

Love’s been in the wind recently. As much as I’ve tried to keep a firm grasp on it I feel like it’s being whisked away. Now I tend to walk on the positive side but seeing as this is where I’ve landed, after surviving gale force winds…

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