A Passion for Love

Love your passion

What’s your passion? What’s life without it?

Whether your passion is for your job, a hobby, helping others or personal growth, our passion for fulfilment should be the driving force behind what we do.

I recently found my passion. I don’t know why it took me so long to find it when it was right under my nose for some 20 years. I think I originally located it almost 10 years ago but for whatever reason it fell by the wayside. Now, apparently, I’m not the same person I was a decade ago. Every cell in my body has since been replaced but the embers of that same fire have been reignited.

Perhaps it wasn’t the ‘right time’ then. Every fibre of my being tells me it is the right time now and nothing nor no one will tell me it’s not. If there are naysayers in my path, I will listen to their words and move on without a backwards glance. My dreams will become possible with passion.

That passion in my heart will allow me to accomplish great things.

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16 thoughts on “A Passion for Love

    • It’s ironic how some things happen but always for a reason.

      Blogging helped me find my passion which is writing. Off my blog I have written my first children’s book.

      Your comment is truly appreciated.

      What is your passion? Is it drawing?

      • Is your book published? I have two daughters 6 and 11 who love to read.
        After years of avoiding it and dancing around the subject, last week I accepted that my passion is in spiritual leadership. Yesterday I started outlining a metaphoric book about a man who inherits a house from his father on the condition that he renovate it and live in it. As he rebuilds the house and the garden his life transforms. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve been this excited about a project.

      • Not as yet. I am sending it to the publishers on June 30. With 19 years teaching experience and 6 of those as a parent, I am hopeful. I do know that a lot of it is still determined by luck.

        Your story sounds inspiring. The excitement you feel is conveyed in your words. Have you written/published anything else before?

    • For me it felt like little pieces that I had to find or that found me: writing, children, books and a love of words and language have all just come together this year.

      Maybe it’s all just part of my midlife transition but I have been searching for near-on 18 months for the passion to be reignited within. The joys of closing in on 40.

    • It feels like I’ve opened a window that has been shut for too long. The fresh air fills my lungs and has lifted my spirit. I have a renewed sense of purpose.

      Are you living your passion?

  1. I’m figuring out mine. I think it has to do with showing a gentler way to heal. …being an example
    that it is possible..though there are different paths…I’m getting more clues. Blogging and chatting with others here has been so helpful. I hadn’t expected that.
    Love –

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