I Would Do Anything For Love….

……but I won’t do that.

How do you go about asking for a favour from someone?

I find it extremely difficult and I don’t know if that’s because I don’t do it often so have had very little experience in doing so or because I would rather be the ‘doer’ of the favour. I enjoy doing things for others. It’s probably selfish if you think about it. I get a kick out of the feeling from having helped that person. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just the teacher in me or that part of me that makes a good teacher. Giving is receiving.meatloaf

So in honour of I promise I made recently I’m going to attempt to make this as brief as possible.

Clear and concise.

Short and succinct.

Alright, enough with the babble!

I need to ask a favour *gulp.

Some of the Freequent flyers here know that I’ve been working on a top secret page-turner.

I have completed the manuscript for my picture book. Being a picture book it has less than 500 words and, as yet, has no pictures. It is being sent to the publisher on Monday who will take care of all the big details such as finding the illustrator, publication timeline, marketing, etc.

So what would I like you to do for this so-called favour, I hear you ask?

I would love for you to read it and comment as you see fit. The only other thing I ask is that you are completely and ruthlessly honest with me.

Whether you are a parent, teacher, writer or lover of reading. Even if you are none of those. You’ve read children’s books or had them read to you. You all bring valuable experience to the table.

In return I will owe you one because, for me, a favour should always be returned in some form or another. What form that takes is completely up to you.

Please remember, though, I won’t do that.

I’d love your help. If you’re willing, please email me and I will forward a copy to you then I’ll chew my nails to the quick.



27 thoughts on “I Would Do Anything For Love….

    • Thank you so much.

      I would love kid feedback as well. I haven’t read it to mine yet. I’m sure one response would be, ‘but where are the pictures?’

      Will send it through soon.

    • I would love for you to read it.

      Submissions here in Australia go to the publisher without illustrations unless the writer is also the illustrator. Publishing houses use in-house illustrators but if I had a choice I would thoroughly enjoy seeing your amazing talents at work with my words. Maybe when I’ve published many books (optimism at play here) I may have a say in who illustrates?

      • Ok fire it over to my email artbyimi@gmail.com and I will read it later 🙂

        Fair enough, it probably keeps the costs down the publishers organising illustration in house. When you are famous you can make any requests you want! Remember us little people when that happens 🙂

      • Email should have landed in a ball of flames.

        You are not little to me….you are following your heart and are truly talented at what you do.

        Maybe I can write a review of your first exhibition. 🙂

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