A Whole Lotta Love on a Tuesday

There’s a constant hum in the air as the crowd awaits the return of the band on stage. Fans are still buzzing from the last set (or from something else?)

The crowd is cheering. They must be coming back on. I’m having trouble seeing-the joys of being a short arse. Can someone hoist me up on their shoulders?

abc awardAmber should have renamed this award after she received it. Amber’s Brilliant Content or Amber’s Butt Crack would have fitted perfectly. She believes I’m the queen of one-liners. I think I talk too much to be restricted to one line. She is the queen of funny and I know she won’t mind me killing this award in order to make it easier.

I’m supposed to list words starting with every letter of the alphabet that describe me or some such other business which is supposed to entertain you.

I’d prefer you go and see Amber’s underwear and let her entertain you. So I’m covering my butt with one word “ABUZZ’. It starts with A and ends in Z. There were no rules posted on Amber’s post anyway so technically it’s not cheating. She’s not one to follow rules. Bleedin’ Texans!

I will nominate though.

3 of my new followers who I’m yet to go visit:

A – Aimi

B – BGBowers

C – Contrary Mom



If the written word, rather than singing, is more your cup of tea then Melissa has the buzz on writing. She’s a writer and aspiring author like me. Melissa wants to step out of her accountant’s clothing and I, my teacher’s threads. If she’s anything like I imagine I’ll be when I’m a full-time writer she’ll spend her day in trackies with a pencil behind her ear.

Thank you Melissa for thinking that I inspire you on what really matters. You inspire me in return to go grab my manuscript and get to it.

The next set will be where some legends are on stage.

Kelly ♥


11 thoughts on “A Whole Lotta Love on a Tuesday

  1. Ha! I’m actually wearing trackies right now. Well, sort of. It’s too hot for pants so I’m wearing running shorts and a tank top (I’m another one of those “bleedin’ Texans”) and about to hit Reflection Road before starting my writing day. Congrats on the awards! Love your blog 🙂

    • I am truly sorry for the Texan reference. If I’d known, I would have managed to dish it to Amber without possibly offending you. 🙂
      Do all the awards come out of Texas then, or is it only people ‘deep in the heart’ that love my blog?

  2. Never gonna live down that undie post, that’s for certain! Thank you, and no….not a big rule girl and I’m jealous you found a way o do tho in under and hour!


  3. Girl, you had me rolling at work!!! you said “butt crack!” lol This was great…love reading your award posts because they are always so uniquely you! ♥

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