Love Milestones

poohThe calendar reads May 15th, 2013. It’s a Wednesday this year. What will the highlight of your day be? For most it’s just an ordinary day; for some it’s a milestone.

My eldest turns 6 today and while we celebrate this milestone we also say farewell to years passed.

When I was One,
I had just begun.
When I was Two,
I was nearly new.
When I was Three
I was hardly me.
When I was Four,
I was not much more.
When I was Five,
I was just alive.
But now I am Six,
I’m as clever as clever,
So I think I’ll be six now for ever and ever.

-A. A. Milne

When you were little Pooh would go everywhere with you. You were his Christopher Robin.

Those days are gone but will never be forgotten. Today I remember all the milestones you’ve reached and look ahead to the future with a heart full of love.

With a new day comes a new beginning. No longer an Almost 6, you’ve turned into a Now 6. You’ll be jubilant and king of your own castle for a while. Proud to be 6, never again to be 5. Each year a victory in the race to adulthood. I can’t slow it down for you; nor should I. You are keen and eager to achieve, reach, aim and grow. That is your job. Mine is to try and catch all those precious moments in between the milestones and treat them as if they were the most delicate of butterflies.

Who says we should wait for a milestone for a day to be special?

Now 6:

‘Find your ‘special’ in every day.

Not just in the month of May.’



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14 thoughts on “Love Milestones

  1. May is the best birth month. (mine too) I came across Simba the stuff lion toy (Lion king) that my daughter could not live without. When she was three we had to turn around and drive about 50 miles to retrieve him as we went on vacation and left poor Simba home. I look at the toy with love that she has forgotten. Thanks for stirring that memory

  2. Happy birthday to your little one.

    It’s funny because this is my mom’s birthday and my best friend’s daughter is 95% likely to be born today. May 15th is a very special day for people of all ages.

  3. Awww, this is so sweet – I can feel the love in your words. I can also feel a tinge of bittersweet or maybe this is me reflecting on my boys ‘growing up’ because that is what “just about 6 in a few hours” is doing – growing up – .still your baby, but now not quite the baby he was. Oh gee, I am making myself cry. My baby graduates in 3 weeks – it seems like just yesterday he was almost 6.

    Have a wonderful day and please tell the Now Six man that there is a blubbering grownup in the US who wishes him a Happy, Happy Birthday!

    kimberly xx

    • You would be correct on all accounts, Kim.

      There is some bittersweetness to it. Graduation! Oh, gawd! Don’t get me started.

      I will be sure to pass on your blubbering grownup well wishes just as soon as I stop blubbering (I am teaching at his school today and need to keep it together).

  4. I’m all teary eyed. Happy Birthday to Now 6! Winnie the Pooh was my favorite when I was little. “Catch me if you can I have to get back to the house at Pooh Corner by one…” I can feel the love in each word, K ♥♥♥

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