Addicted to Love

‘Might as well face it, You’re addicted to love.’

‘Ok, Robert. Maybe just a smidge.’

While Palmer’s lyrics play on repeat in my head, the image of his sleek ladies in their figure-hugging dresses dance in my mind.

I imagine you all in a karaoke bar kicking back and singing with gusto into the microphones and I can’t be there to join you.

Earlier I wrote about an upcoming event that would take me away from the Reader for a while. At this moment I am still 3 days behind being caught up.

The desire in me to not miss one of your wonderful posts has me reading anywhere and everywhere I can.

Tonight I scrolled and read while getting my mop in order. I read when making breakfast for my munchkins. In the line at the supermarket. Last thing at night. In the shower. Yes I’ll admit, I even read on the thunderbox.

I am going to steam roll all the blogs I follow in the morning. I’ll be pressing that like button like there’s no tomorrow. It feels dastardly to not be leaving my thoughts behind and hearing your response but it’s the only way I’m going to make it.

So please know that my clicking of that like icon really means love from me for the next few days. I’m addicted and I can’t miss a moment of one single post of the wonderful people who populate my Reader. Because I can’t just dish out the love on my blog and leave it there. I need to see you and hear your voices singing up a storm. That’s the love you all provide for me.

‘Whoa, you like to think that you’re immune to the stuff, oh yeah
It’s closer to the truth to say you can’t get enough
You know you’re gonna have to face it, you’re addicted to love.’

I love you all.


12 thoughts on “Addicted to Love

  1. We love you too!! ♥♥♥ Your “likes” are love enough for me. Miss you, but I know once things calm down we will see you again. And maybe I should get addicted to blogging love instead of the men love! It would certainly be better for me! lol

  2. I hear ya. I am so thankful for the connections too.
    I am glad you visit whenever you can. I don’t like missing posts either- sometimes you can’t help it. There is time to catch up. No worries! Certain pictures are extra special on the likes. Yours is one.
    I’m delighted whenever it appears.
    Love returned ♡

    • Thank you. I am sloooowly catching up. I think I’m less than 24 hours behind in the reader now but then all you wonderful people write beautiful things while I sleep and I MUST READ THEM.

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