Mother Lover

In a single moment today,  the next 20+ years flashed before my eyes. Opening with caution, I suspected something might jump out at me. Little did I know that it would contain………..

Until I awoke this morning I had planned to write a wonderful, heart warming post for my mum. It may have only been read by her as the reader would be bombed throughout the day with ‘Mum’ posts but she would be the only must-have reader today.

Instead I opened my eyes to Just 3 and Almost 6 laden with gifts and my OH with breakfast and a cuppa in hand. Surrounded by my family I opened my presents. I marvelled at Almost 6’s choice of gifts from the Mother’s Day stall they’d had at school on Friday. Of course this was bought with our money but, hey, I loved it all the same. I feigned surprise at the new oven gloves, pot holders and jumper I had bought myself. My inner smirk was hiding the fact that Just 3 was with me when I purchased them and did not question why my mouth was agape.

The absolute kicker, which is why I decided to change my post, was the card that Just 3 gave me.

I cried.

I cried tears not of happiness.

I cried tears not from heartfelt love.

I cried tears of laughter.

Shock, fear and the reality of the promise being issued forth rendered me speechless. Everyone joined in the laugh-fest even if they were asking themselves ‘what’s so funny anyway?’

Visions of death-defying stunts flashed through my mind. Visits to the Principal’s office and hospital stays will probably be a given. Girlfriends ringing at every hour of the night and a pisty needing to be picked up on more than one occasion. The police knocking at the door to tell that you’ve done………that’s where I draw the line.

And don’t forget, I may be your mother and will do many eye rolls, deep sighs and cussing over the next 2o years, but I can also give as good as I get.

You ain’t seen nothing yet!


5 thoughts on “Mother Lover

  1. toooooo cute:) this is a baby book piece – and print up this post and attach it to the card. stick it in an envelope addressed to Just 3 when he is Just a Teen and surprise him with it!!

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