Can I Use Your Loo, Luv?

toiletThere might not be much love in the littlest room in the house but there’s plenty of humour.

Note before reading: Just 3 is still in toilet training mode. The potty is gone and using the big toilet calls for reinforcements. As much of a fan I am of cleaning other people’s urine (the mini Masters’) off the floor I would rather use that time for other endeavours. With this in mind we have invested in two ping pong balls. One is a basketball and the other: a soccer ball. One bobs around in the bowl of each toilet in our home so that no matter which toilet is free or whichever Just 3 is closest to when nature calls he can, ready, AIM, fire! at the ball.

Family had gathered at ours recently for a celebration. During this time beverages of the alcoholic variety were consumed and trips to the smallest room in the house began, myself included. Once they start there is a constant parade of people in and out, flushing, wiping and washing.

Mum pulled me aside after a brief pit stop and politely informed me that she had removed the ball from the toilet thinking that Just 3 had put it in there. I thanked her, explained and then dropped it back in.

I daren’t ask anyone who went into retrieval mode how they completed their mission.

Have you reclaimed something from your own toilet that really wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place? Ever had an experience while at someone else’s home? You might like to add a ping pong ball to the toilet at your next party. Even the Misters like to hit the target, apparently.

Ping pong anyone?

Image from: here.


29 thoughts on “Can I Use Your Loo, Luv?

  1. Never at someone’s place, but I’ve had to fish combs, brushes, hairdryer, and other things out. A wobbly cabinet is above the toilet and my wife jams too much stuff into the lower cubby. Taking one thing out usually causes three more to fall.

  2. What an amazing idea, I think the wife will follow suit only to ensure that the men of the house comply with not wetting the seat… And it sounds like fun, makes me wanna go…

  3. are brilliant. I am running out now to get a ping pong ball to place in the toilet! Maybe then my 59 year old SO will be able to hit it instead of the floor, the sides, the lid, etc. Bravo!

    • John you always give me fodder.

      Beer pong is a favourite here with my SO. That’s one reason the toilet ones are patterned. They are reserved for poo pong and pee pong NOT ping pong.

  4. I’m a titch on the germ-a-phobe side so I can’t reach in toilets with my hands, but I can fish out just about anything with the toilet cleaner! 🙂 I tend to drop jewelry in the toilet alot…don’t ask…not sure how it happens so often! lol

      • DANG…hmmmm. I don’t know because I would never be sure if I got all the yucky toilet stuff off my phone. Not sure I could put it up to my face. I’m thinking it would be a great excuse to have to buy an iPhone 5! lol

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