Love Leaves and Then Comes Again

I fought to the death
With courage and strength from birth
I am not forgotten
But returned to the earth.

Scattered, withered, lifeless
Until picked up on a breeze
Thrown heavenward by little hands
Do with me what you please.

No need to show remorse
Please don’t shed a single tear
Just remember me as I was
Until I’m back next year.

The Autumn leaves have fallen.

leavesDuring Autumn the foliage turns the most amazing hues. Crimson, amber, copper, lime and blush. Watching the kids bundle them up, throw them into the air and then start all over makes me laugh.

The crunch of leaves underfoot as you walk along reminds me of rustling paper. Some are just that; paper thin and fragile.

The only part about Autumn I don’t care for much is the fact that it signals the imminent onset of another Winter. We’re not friends-to say the least.

We watch as that last leaf zigzags it’s way to the floor below; it has re-joined all those that fell before it. The promise of Spring and new life, just around the corner.

What is it that you love about Autumn?

Falling in love.

Image from: here.


15 thoughts on “Love Leaves and Then Comes Again

  1. Beautiful imagery, K!!! We don’t get much of an Autumn in Florida…leaves stay green down here for most of the year. But I love when the cold air gets frisky and comes out to play! 🙂

  2. This is one of your best pieces I have read to date. Beautiful, my friend! I live in Florida, so autumn to me is relief from the humidity that engulfs us each summer. Enjoy yours!

    • A big thank you hug to you. Isn’t it funny because I didn’t really ‘work’ on this one too much. I wrote it several weeks ago and left it sitting in draft form. Then I added a bit more but didn’t stress over each word. Perhaps I should do this more often.
      I find it interesting that in Autumn you look at the passing of Summer and I look at the impending Winter.

  3. this is beautiful ‘K’ teer. I love the autumn. It is my favorite season because I love the colors and the smells. This is why i could never live somewhere that lacks ‘seasons. Living in the Chicagoland area – Midwest – aka NW Iliinois, we barely experience Spring, however, Autumn still arrives every year. xx

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