I’m Busy Loving You


I love being busy.

Busy is as busy does. Buzzing here, humming there, zooming, zooming everywhere.

We mamma bees really know how to make that honey. We buzz around incessantly all day doing the worker bee job. Then there’s the pollination to attend to and making sure the hive is kept in order. I wonder how many flowers a bee alights on each day. Too many to count I’m sure.

I remember my mum chatting with friends over a coffee (does anyone with littles have time to do that now?) talking about how busy the week had been with a smile on her face. It was a good busy. Not a flat-out, crazy busy that we seem to exist in now. Busy seems to be an obsolete word these days. Maybe not defunct but cannot exist alone anymore. ‘Busy’ has had its day and has been replaced with chaotically busy, super busy and insanely busy. Do we really need an adjective in front of the verb?

We are all busy. Sure, there’s different levels to it and some weeks are more busy than others. We learn to adapt quickly to the changing needs of our work, family, social and personal. I have a busy week coming up. It’s not a normal week of normal busy. There’ll be some late nights, extra demands put on my time, etc. Almost 6 will be turning 6 (and then he’ll be known as Now 6).

I have plans. All that can be done beforehand will be checked off the list. I refuse to spend the lead up to his big day of the year in a constant tizzy. I won’t run around telling everyone who dare listen how astronomically busy I’ve been. I will need to fine tune a few of my personal goals for this coming week though. My busy behind won’t be dropping in to the reader as often to ask, ‘what’s the buzz?’ My posts have already been done and scheduled and it might take me a little longer than the length of time it normally takes me to reply to comments to get back to everyone. There’ll be no droning on next week. It’ll be head down and stinger up.

Too busy for love? Not likely!

Kelly ♥

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12 thoughts on “I’m Busy Loving You

  1. Loving “Now 6” you make me smile. We love you and will miss you but I totally understand. I’m not going anywhere you are stuck with me as a reader of your blog…so deal with it! lol ♥♥♥ look at me with the hearts now

      • They did here.

        I did some investigating but came up with nada.

        WP doesn’t copy the colour if you cut and paste into the comments.

        I will get to the bottom of this. For the moment I’ll settle for coloured hearts in my posts which I can do.

      • I’m just following your instructions of “Caps Lock, Alt, and the number 3 on a number keypad.” But they still show up black on my end. They “love” you more. Or maybe you have some great power to convert all hearts into red! 🙂

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