I’d Love Some Help!

If anyone can lend a hand I’ll love you forever! I’m desperate so I’ll follow you (if I don’t already) or any other requests will be considered.hands
I know there’s plenty of peeps out there that are well versed at this game. Me-not so much. I’ve trawled the forums and google to no avail. What I’m keen to know is:

1. Where is the ‘posts I like’ tab I’ve read about. I can’t find it in the reader or dashboard. The closest I’ve seen is ‘my activity’. Am I looking for something that doesn’t exist. It’s on my smartphone but not my laptop. Is it my browser?

2. How do I re blog my own posts? I’ve got content from when I first started that’s only been seen by a handful of bloggers. I know I can copy, paste, blah, blah, blah. Is there an easier way?

I know most of my buds in the U.S. have their pretty heads resting snugly on a pillow right now but I’m super keen to get to the bottom of all this and I’m sure there are other parts of the world that are awake right now.

Help wanted for love (but the pay is crap).

Kelly ♥


21 thoughts on “I’d Love Some Help!

  1. 1. to reblog an old post, type something like “you can see this post here” and then highlight the word “here”, go to your toolbar and click on the “link” icon (it is a picture of a link. a broken link is next to it indicating when you want to unlink something)….anyway, when you click on the link, it will give you an entire list of your old posts and you just click on the one you want to show. Or, there is a “reblog” icon up at the top in dark grey ( at least on my wordpress site) and you can probably just go to the old post and click on that??

    • Michelle you are a gem! I worked out I had to go into the actual post not just the ‘home’ page. As soon as I did, voila, reblog did appear. Yay. I’m doing a happy dance. Thank you!

      No 1 is still alluding me but, eh, that’s only a little problem.

      Thanks for sharing the love!
      Kelly ♥

  2. “Posts I Like” is a widget. You can find it on the Dashboard under “Appearance.” You can then drag it onto one of your sidebars to make it appear on your blog. hth

  3. Thanks for articulating something that has been bugging me too! Any further info on No.1 would be awesome to share here…

    • No problem.

      The closest I’ve got so far is:
      Go to your reader and on the right hand side you will see ‘my activity’. In there you will find your own posts, the posts you have liked and also the ones you’ve commented on. There’s a link in my comments that I posted of what I’m really looking for though.

  4. It’s already been stated about the widget. As for reblogging your old posts, what about putting links to those posts in a current post that has an association. I see a lot of bloggers do an ‘Associated Sites’ post at the bottom of current posts.

    • That’s a good suggestion, thanks. I did find the reblog button for my own posts. It appears in the top left corner when you look at an individual post on your own blog or other’s sites. You just can’t be in ‘home’-it disappears then.

  5. good info – i suck at the techie thing – i still cannot figure out to do a ping thing – and you emailed me the instructions – remember? i am a suckie techie.

  6. Well, you’ve got it all covered so I can keep all my answers to myself. HeeHee…I didn’t have any any answers so thank goodness other people helped you! xoxo

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