Wishy-Washy Love

A splash of love.20130502_184034

I have some confessions to make. I’ve held back these dirty little secrets for far too long. It’s time to bare all.

For those of you who’ve been around here once or twice before you may remember me mentioning about my choice not to post photos of my boys.

Most of these same people also know that my posts have become more padded with words than when I first began. I love a good analogy and metaphors are my mates. To suggest that I can talk underwater with a mouth full of marbles would be a fair assumption. Heck if laptops were waterproof I’d probably type there too.

It would also be safe to say that I’m getting into the comfort zone of my relationship with my WP family. This blog will still be all about the love and won’t become an online photo journey of my beautiful boys. They just really wanted to say ‘hi’ so I am going to keep the yabbering to a minimum tonight and let Almost 6 and Just 3’s images do the talking.

20130502_183938The dirty duo love a bath like most kids. They motor boats around the bath, blow bubbles and all the other assorted things that kids enjoy doing at bath time (except getting clean). I never really understood why houses had drains on the floor outside of the tub until I had kids. Sure they’re really there for major water overflow to stop the house from flooding. What I don’t understand now is why my two need to try and test that principle every time they get in to get clean. If I need an excuse to clean the bathroom from the ceiling to the floor, I just chuck the kids in there. They supply the water: me, the cloth.

When they’re not splashing it up they’re fooling around. What else is bath time for when you are a little. Rubber duckie, move over. Give my kids an empty plastic bottle and they’re golden!

Love the wash antics.


16 thoughts on “Wishy-Washy Love

  1. what cuties:) i love bath pics – they are some of the most precious photos I have of my boys. Especially the ones with shampoo mohawk doos – I just could not resist.

    (I’ll let you in on a secret – my fave picture of my two little boys is of their tushies:) The three of us lovingly call this photo “the butts”. Jordan is holding Peyton’s hand as they are stepping into the bathtub. To me is it the epitome of brotherly love. Peyton was about 1 1/2 and Jordan was almost 4. This picture is on my nightstand, and goes with me on every trip. It is just the cutest)

    You have two very adorable little men – sooooo cute:)


    • Thanks, Kim.

      I love your photo story. It beats the normal headshot that people take everywhere with them. I can almost picture the butts………
      Little tushies are just adorable and I know they won’t let me kiss them for much longer. I have a butt post coming up soon that I had planned to do before Almost 3 grows out of his current little jocks. Thanks for the reminder.

    • So, so kind. This is the boys first appearance on my blog. I had no intentions of posting any at all but, alas, I have. I still haven’t shared their names. Does the bloggersphere know your name yet? Do you have any intentions of a big reveal?

  2. I LOVE how kids can make the mundane fun. Your boys are precious! And I really like the idea of a waterproof laptop…sign me up please!!!

  3. oh I hear ya! But I DO remember as a kid myself seeing if I could splash water high enough to wet the roof! Guess I can’t complain about my own kids… Karma!!!!!

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