I’d love a bubble, yes I would

I’d live inside it if I could

I’d drift through life, safe inside

For all to see, nothing to hide.

My special bubble would be airtight

To let nothing in but beautiful light

The whole spectrum of colours bright

Floating along, what a wonderful sight.

This bubble of mine would be safe and sound

Hovering high above the ground

It’d be the most splendiferous way

gliding free, throughout the days.

I’d make bubbles for me and mine

And so that way we’d all be fine

Buoyant, happy, with no troubles

Unless someone dare pop those bubbles.

To protect my bubbles would be my aim

So inside they’d feel no pain

But we would not be able to touch

Hugs and kisses I love so much.

On second thoughts I don’t think I care

I much prefer the love we share

I’d be lonely in my bubble for one

Being carried away towards the sun.

It might be fun for one single day

To have our cares just blown away

To live a life worry and carefree

I’d loveabubble for you and me.

© 2013 Kelly Hibbert, all rights reserved.

Image from: here.


17 thoughts on “Loveabubble

    • Do you prefer poetry to poems or neither?

      Hours, yes. Days, no. I don’t have that kind of time to post. Rhyming is easy for me. Probably comes from reading so much children’s literature.

      Thanks for reading and the compliment even though it’s not your cup of tea.

      • Maybe not liking is a strong expression, I just prefer writing and reading stories. But great writing is great writing doesn’t matter in what form it arrives in.

        Keep it up.

    • I’d love to just graciously accept your comment but I would have difficulty doing that. Perfect is something I strive for but my attempts are fruitless. Perfection is an illusion, I think. Something that is unattainable yet something I still drive myself to achieve.
      I don’t mean to belittle you or your compliment. Please know that.

      • I agree completely. I realize the word perfect is used a bit loosely, but sometimes I find it the best word to use – for lack of another that I am unable to think of at a particular time or sometimes ‘it’ is perfect for me at the particular moment I read it.

        I truly understand what you mean. To me, perfection is only something I can strive for – whether it is attained or not god only knows. But I will at least try and do my best to have fun while trying. And if I flub it up, well, hopefully I had fun flubbing!!

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