Top 10 Tips for Showing Love

love is a verbShow me the love!

The words ‘I love you’ are easy for most parents to say to their child. It is a little more difficult with the fast pace of day-to-day life to find time to show kids the kind of love they will most remember you for.

When I think back to my own childhood the fondest memories I have are of the things we did not words that were said. I knew my parents loved me because of their actions not from a single spoken, ‘I love you’ even though it’s lovely to hear and I heard it often.

So here’s the Top 10 Tips that can help create memories of love that will last a lifetime:

          1. Show and tell. In our home we have an unwritten policy that means we try and express our love in as many ways as possible. Children can learn how to sign ‘I love you’ from quite a young age. Another way is just to point to your eye, your own heart and then point to the person you’re aiming your love at. Both of my boys love having their back tickled before being tucked in at night. So after sharing a story, I will tickle their back and write, ‘I love you’ with my finger.
          2. ‘I love you because…..’ Simply stating ‘I love you’ can be wonderful to hear. It has even more meaning when there is a connecting reason given to the receiver. The end of the sentence could convey how you feel, ‘I love you because I feel so lucky to have you as my son/daughter.’ You may choose to say something about the child’s appearance, ‘I love you because when you smile it lights up your whole face.’ Receiving compliments can be difficult for adults who have never learned to graciously accept them as children. This one is then two-fold-a compliment and an expression of how you feel all rolled into one.
          3. Little things impress little people. Sticky-notes in lunchboxes, sandwiches cut into shapes or heading to the playground straight after school are all little things that are a big deal to kids. Think of something you know your child will appreciate and it doesn’t have to cost a cent to be meaningful.
          4. Spend time wisely. Everyone knows childhood is gone in an instant. Blink once and they’re walking. Blink twice and they’re at school. Blink again and they’re getting their license. I know I want my children to enter adulthood with the recollection that I had time for them. That I wanted to spend time with them, share it with them and try as I might, make it stand still. Capture moments, get lost in the moment but don’t miss the moments of time you could have spent with them.
          5. Do things as a family. Family time is hard to find for some but so important. There are times when we need to divide and conquer to achieve tasks but ensuring your family has together time is essential. It might be as simple as an adventure in the backyard or as complex as going on a day trip with a picnic lunch.
          6. Lend a hand and let them help. Helping children shows your willingness to engage in what’s important to them. Like any relationship it needs to be reciprocal. Allowing them to help you with tasks or involving them in your interests shows them that you care what they think and feel and that yo appreciate their willingness.
          7. Model love. Children learn their cues from adults. Demonstrated love will allow them to see how it’s done and put it into practise.
          8. Actions speak louder than words. Cuddles, kisses and hugs and lots of them. As human beings we crave touch-the feel of a warm embrace, a kiss from a loved one or to cuddle up together without a care in the world. Not a day should go by when your children don’t feel the warmth of your heart beating next to theirs.
          9. Greet and farewell them like a long lost friend. Having children understand that you miss them when they’re gone but be so happy to see them again later helps them to understand that they are important people in your life. Sharing the day’s events when together again is a great way to connect with kids.
          10. Remind them constantly. A day without love is like a day without sunshine.

Most certainly, there are many other ways to express love through actions. If you have a way of showing love you’d love to share I welcome contributions.

Kelly ♥

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23 thoughts on “Top 10 Tips for Showing Love

  1. Great list. I really like #6 because ‘helping’ can be as easy as letting them sit and watch. My son likes to ‘help’ my mom make coffee, which is really him being held high enough to be the K-cup into the Keurig. Then he dances in front of the machine while it makes the coffee. To him this is helping.

    • Thanks, John.

      I have my moments just like any other parent of course but I am keen to raise boys who are not afraid to express their love.

      Heartfelt thanks for taking the time to comment and following.

      Kelly ♥

    • Thanks, Pamela.

      I know there’s a whole load more and I could keep writing forever but I had to stop somewhere.

      I appreciate your comment and for following.

      Kelly ♥

  2. REALLY REALLY GOOD POST! All such easy things to do, and they really do mean so much. This reminds me of when I longed to have children and daydreamed about all the things I would do right as a mom. Time to make sure that daydream lives well in reality, for sure!

    • Thanks, Mamajoyx9.

      It is quite simple when you think about it. It’s just a matter of practise.

      With 9, though, you might have to pre-prepare sticky notes in advance! I only have 2 to do. You amaze and inspire me to give more to my two boys.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      Kelly ♥

  3. awesome list! #8 is one of my favorites! I would rather have someone show me the love than tell me they love me any day of the week 🙂 Here is a virtual hug xxxxx for you…does that count as showing? hehe

  4. I have a special thing I do for my boys that no one else in the whole world can do – and it is what sets me apart from others. I add ‘love’ to my cooking:) Quickie explanation – years ago, I was cooking eggie cheese (scrambled eggs and cheese) – and the boys complained about the fact that their step mom had made it previously. In other words, they were bored – I told them that mine was totally different and the reason was because I added love. This worked and it stuck! It seems now everything I cook is better – because I add love:) Sneaky me:)

    • Can I have some eggie cheese with love, please?

      You are an awesome Mum, of that I’m certain, and an amazing poet.

      Food with added love tastes better-for sure!

      Great to have you back even if you shouldn’t be!

  5. Loved this post. In this fast-paced world it’s easy to let these things slip. It’s been a couple of months since I put a love note in my kids lunches. Thank you for the reminders.

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