Passport to Love

passportThe freedom to love.

Last week I had my creative passport issued for a limited time only.

There were no children to create distractions for 5 hours.

When I first started blogging I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to achieve my goal of writing a post each day.  I didn’t want to create a journal or diary per se. My life is really not interesting enough to sustain anyone’s attention for 365 days in-a-row. I thought I would run out of things to write about-at least things which people would be even remotely interested in reading. Little did I realise that I would end up with the opposing issue. Running out was far from likely.

My intentions at the beginning of this year were to a) post every day on the theme of love, b) to serve as a daily reminder that there is love in the everyday moments of parenthood and c) to form a good habit of writing for a sustained period each day.

The plan seemed simple at the time and to an extent it has been. I have written a post every day (even if it was in draft form and didn’t ‘hit’ my blog until the next day). For the most part I have kept to the theme but there have been a couple of times when love has gone AWOL. It continues to serve its purpose as a daily reminder of the love in everyday moments. My kids continue to give me more than enough to work with every. single. day. I now also have a writing habit. I’m just not sure if it really is a GOOD one the way it stands.

What I didn’t know is that WP would be like FB, having pen friends all over the world and reading 100’s of short stories concurrently. My world has grown and I have been granted admission into places without having to go through immigration. I’ve walked the streets of Prague with Katy and I’ve lived vicariously through white water rafting with Lesley. I’ve read poetry penned by Kimberly that’s left me speechless and inspired me to write my own even if mine are well below par. Starting my first writing project off WordPress was in part due to the inspiration of Legends like Charles and Ionia who did more right than she even knows! I’ve wrestled with Kira and been green with envy watching the RCC do their thing.

So what did I do with 5 hours in hand?  I caught up with some news from the reader, replied to comments and ate my lunch. Not once did I have to wipe a face, play bodyguard over the toilet paper or clean up a spill.  That left me with about 3 hours to get creative. The Maid was made that day and construction began on the new format. But I needed another 5 hours, or maybe 10, to get more done. Not. Gonna. Happen.

Learning has been a steep curve though and reflection seems to be an intricate part of all things bloggable. I’m good with where I’m at now and plan to move forward without the need for scrutinising my efforts publicly any time in the foreseeable future. I have to divide my time between all blogging tasks and all the time I have is all the time I need.

I’ve changed my ‘do’. I have added an awards page that still needs some work but acknowledges who has bestowed what upon me. I’ve started with dreaded categories and have a ton of love to offload from my grey matter in the next few days. I’ll be introducing some new ideas. Who knows if they’ll fly or flop but I’m going to shoot the breeze with you and see what you think.

I’ve gotta go catch the love bus now to the airport.

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21 thoughts on “Passport to Love

    • In all seriousness I have too many things to choose from in the ‘I’d like to change’ department. I’d choose one and then want to swap it next week. Maybe mine could be to not change my proverbial undies for the allotted time. 😉

  1. You are amazing:) your blog quickly rose to the top of my list of favourites and I look forward to it every day:) to be very honest, I like the theme, but your off topic posts are just as great. I enjoy the writing even above the subject:)

  2. I totally agree with Ionia…you are on my favorite read of the day list! Your blog always puts a smile on my face and I love how you look for silver linings in the mundane! Plus I’m pretty partial to the three mus”kay”teers! And you got us all on one page again! xoxo And thanks for wrestling with me…your enouragement is priceless!

  3. love in the everyday moments…I like that. I told myself recently that there are no rules ..I am free to write whatever, in whatever form that feels right…There really are no rules. I look forward to reading more here. Thanks for all your visits. 🙂

  4. Hi again – this post did not make it into my reader:( I think many people are having reader issues. Anyhoo – let me just say that #1 I love the new look. I like the other new look and I like this one also:) Secondly, what brought me to your blog in the first place was your theme of love and the wonderful posts you write about your children. For me, there have been too many changes in the last year and to top the list is Jordan’s last year in high school and Peyton’s freshman year. I was feeling very down – and when I read your blog I just got a huge smile on my face. It took me back to times that I have not thought about in a while and things that have been placed on the back burner or me just being so absorbed in the stuff going on around me – your blog was a shot of sunshine and it was a shot that i sorely needed:)

    Thank you:)

    • Thank you for giving my words meaning. I am truly grateful to wonderful people like you who gave of yourselves to check on my little love creation and give it a heartbeat. I also have you to thank for my attempts at poetry and penning my first picture book. So I’m the one sending you a THANK YOU!

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