Do You Love a Good Manscaper?

D.I.Y Manscaping for Love 101

Some friends and I were sitting around discussing this hairy topic recently. Goodness only knows how it came up but we went with it anyway. The conversation went something like this:

Bonnie* says, “Yeah my husband, Pete*, does a bit of trimming and pruning. He came out to show me his work the other day and was proud of what he’d achieved. He asked what I thought of his manscapinghandiwork and I was just like a goldfish in a bowl. Then he asked me, ‘do you want a piece of this?’ He’d taken to his nether region with a hedge trimmer and it was all I could do not to fall on the floor laughing. Like manscaping will make me want him more.”

*names have been changed to protect the guilty.

So in all honesty, being a woman, I do remove hair from my legs and armpits. I don’t remove hair from my arms but I do get rid of unsightly long-uns that grow on my big toe on each foot. I pluck my eye brows and I’ve been known to tend to the nasal region just recently. I do a general tidy up of the yard on a semi-regular basis. The only problem I find is that I pull out the weeds and prickles just grow in their place.

Now my questions are many but I’ll try and keep it short. I have boys. Two of them. I’m truly grateful this is not something I have to worry about for the moment but I know my time will come. I want to go in prepared for the job. Almost 6 is a hairy little monster. He had downy fluff all over his back from the time he was born. Now when he steps out the shower he gets this curly-pattern-thing going on in the middle of his back. Am I going to have to take him to a salon to have his back waxed? His brows may need a plucking if they end up being a mono. If he’s hairy all over like a baboon, where do you stop?

Now fellas, did you know there’s actually a group you can join if you’d like to beat your hairless chest with other men? Click here if you’d like to join the ‘I Love Manscaping Group’.

What’s the general consensus out there? Manscape or the natural landscape?

Manscaping. Love it or loathe it?

Love leaving the hair that’s there for now.

Images from: here.


8 thoughts on “Do You Love a Good Manscaper?

  1. Oy! Believe it or not i use to manscape my friend who passed a way last year. He was a swimmer and triathlete and well, apparently his back hair and head hair resulted in too much drag! Real competitive swimmers and in even runners and triathletes shave everything – back, head, legs, chest! Anyhoo, I do not really care but I will sya this – my older son is a hairy beast and i am not certain where it came from. My ex husband was never that hairy and I am not that hairy. Of course, my daughters have been very, very, very hairy (Chloe and Pee) so I am thinking the genes run somewhere in my family!

      • Both, actually! They get these ‘staches that look like dirt on their upper lip;) and J shaves the area of his sideburns. Bill used to call him almost mustache man. And mutton chops!!

  2. Most of the guys I’ve been with haven’t been had to manscape. My last guy manscaped his nether regions on a regular basis. At first it was odd but it kinda started to “grow” on me! lol

  3. I used to be in the ‘hairless chest’ camp, but having been married to a hairy for years has made me more accustomed to it. I have to say though, I’m not a fan of thick carpet chest that shows at the neck of shirts. That would need manscaping!!

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