I Love a Good Fight

The gloves of love were hung up recently.

An unexpected hiatus from the ring has ended! The gloves were off. Now they’re in full swing and packin’ a punch.

I have a game plan today. I’m facing a strong opponent and will probably do a little bit of dancing before any blows are boxing ringlanded but I’m gonna give it my best shot. Hopefully I’ll make it through each round.

Three days of no training can reek havoc with one’s routine. Lucky my sparring partner is back from his suspension in a hospital bed.

So the plan of attack looks something like this:

1. Catch up on my reader. 3 days worth-shouldn’t take long.

2. Approve and reply to comments. These people came to watch and saw a KO. Disappointing to say the least.

3. Check out some amazing bloggers who have stuck their head in for a quick look or to follow my journey to the title fight.

4. Nominate bloggers in an award post so they can hold the trophy aloft.

5. Complete 4 posts which will bring me up-to-date in my post-a-day promise to myself. I’ll back-date them later to fill in the gaps (I’ll sneak between my opponent’s legs if necessary).

So while the kids get to spend some quality time with their dad, I’ll be here fighting the good fight. Reconnecting, working on my game plan and giving blogging a good flogging. Better put, ‘Eye of the Tiger’ on ear-splittingly loud.

I’m not gonna tap out today. Can someone please have the smelling salts ready?

Disclaimer: I actually detest boxing and know very little about the sport.

I’m a lover not a fighter!

Image from: here.


3 thoughts on “I Love a Good Fight

  1. As you know, I take boxing classes – just me and a bag (and a lot of over- flowing frustration). Anyhoo, a few pointers – make certain you keep one hand blocking your face at all times, drink plenty of water and keep your elbow up on the hooks! Oy, I have been brainwashed by my teachers. Ouch. Btw, the little boxer dude in the picture up above, picture him with a jogbra – that’s me:)

    • Just to clarify Kim, I do mean boxing as in the sport. Punching the bejeebers out of another person does nothing for me. A punching bag, now that’s completely different. I can totally understand how it would release more than just endorphins!
      BTW your gravatar is an eagle. Should he be wearing your jogbra? lol

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