I’m All Out of Love

Love has left the building.

all out of loveIt’s late. The well is dry. Stick a fork in me-I’m done. I’ve thrown in the towel, well just for today.

The kids have been tucked in and everything has been ticked off the list but apologies will be left here tonight as I have no love left for you. Sorry everyone.

My air love supply has been expended. I had to be the giver of love for two today.

The better half of me had an impromptu overnight ‘date’ with a nurse or two. More of the hospital love story at a later date. For the purpose of keeping this short I had both the Mum and Dad hats on today.

The opportunity was given to me to experience what all flying solo parents do every day (kudos to all the one-wo/man-bands). I only had to survive one and believe me that’s all I did: survive. That’s a good thing though, right? I didn’t curl into the fetal position or start speaking in pig latin. So there was ‘something’ good about today.

Plans are being prepared for tomorrow. It’s going to be a love fest.

Tomorrow is going to be the longest day of the year for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere who turn our clocks back in a couple of hours. Now I’m a type A person who won’t sleep any longer than normal mainly because the kids won’t let me. Pre-children I would have sucked up that hour in a jiffy and used it in dreamland. That won’t be the case tomorrow.

I’m going to make full use of that hour. Most of us wish for more hours in a day. That wish comes true for me tomorrow. What could I do with one more hour? Should I lavish my kids with an hour of Mum power and love the knickerbockers off my whippersnappers? Maybe a visit to a playground, roll on the grass with them and do some belly laughs? Or should I take the hour and practise some self-love and return a better me? Grab a cuppa to go and then find a peace-filled sunny spot for me, myself and I?

Which option should I take and what should I do in that 60 minutes? Suggest away, lovelies.

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13 thoughts on “I’m All Out of Love

  1. If I were you, I would see what happens – leave it to chance. if the little youngin’s are still asleep – then take the time for yourself. if they wake up, then spend it with them – or have them take care of you – neck rub, foot rub, have them prepare something for you to drink or eat – easy – easy – it can even be pretend! I once had breakfast in bed – glass of water and crackers with cheese slices on a plate. 🙂

    • Your boys are precious. I got to sleep in and the mum hat is officially back on right now. We managed through it. I’m just not a fan of ‘managing’. Almost 6 was a huge help and even Just 3 was able to do some small things. On the whole they were great considering we were down 1.

  2. You couldnt possibly be a better loving mum if you tried, even with any extra time up your sleeve. Maybe you need to be topped up with love from us all by hearing ‘Free little words’, it goes unconditionally but ‘ I’, i mean ‘we love you’. Xxx

    • Aww, thanks for sending love from the ward while we’re at home sleeping. I do my best even though sometimes it doesn’t feel like my best is enough. Our love is with you while you’re away.

      Now, not too many drugs or sponge baths, ok darling?

  3. I hope they kept sleeping for you and you got some time to recharge before being Mum and Dad again. I’ve done that recently and it’s draining!! Take time for yourself-enjoy that cuppa!!

    • They did let me sleep thank goodness. I was Mum and Dad until Monday afternoon and, agree, draining is the right word. If I hadn’t had that cuppa…….thank you for the best advice!

    • I did manage to sneak in an extra hour of kip, thanks. They were blissfully unaware. Now hubby’s back from hospital and DST adjustments have been made we’re back to as ‘normal’ as we get.

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

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