Love from the Scruffy Red Monster

Love my monsters.

Since a tender age both of my boys have loved Elmo: the short, red character who talks in 3rd person and remains constantly at age 3 ½.

Elmo has been on Sesame Street since 1972 which makes him older than me (just).

Sesame Street has recently celebrated 43 years on television. I grew up watching it as did my husband and then my eldest did too. I hope my grandchildren get to enjoy the wonder that is Sesame Street.

My eldest celebrated his 3rd birthday a few years back with an Elmo cake painstakingly decorated with the icing tip that would normally be used for grass. This created that perfectly scruffy look that Elmo wears so well.

Now the baton has been passed to my youngest. Sesame Street for him has far greater meaning than just a show on TV. It marks an important time in his schedule at home. It’s on at 12pm here and this marks lunch time for him. If I happen to be out of the room when, ‘can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?’ rings out it’s soon followed by an announcement from yonder that Sesame Street is on. If the TV is off midday passes with no fanfare or parade.

Elmo exists in many forms in our home. We have TMX Elmo who rolls, giggles and then stands himself up again. He can literally ROFL. There’s also plush versions, eating implements, posters, wall stickers, bedding, colouring books, etc.

I have a bit of a soft spot for Elmo and have never questioned his inability to speak in first person. Does this bother you? Are there people not feeling the love for the monster with the infectious giggle? If not an Elmo fan, who is your favourite Sesame Street puppet? Does anyone not allow their children to watch Sesame Street at all?

Monster love lives here.


9 thoughts on “Love from the Scruffy Red Monster

  1. i was a child who was raised with Sesame Street from the beginning – I am 48. My favorite character was Kermit, but i had a soft spot for Ernie and his rubber duckie – a matter of fact, i still have the 45rpm record for this song:) My children watched SS, but Jordan was little when Barney was in the middle of his hey day and Peyton liked Barney (because Jordan did) and he like Clifford, The Big Red Dog and Telletubbies. They both loved Arthur, and I loved Arthur, too. We still have all of the stuffed Barneys, Tinky Winkies, Arthurs, Lamb Chop…..:)

    • I’m a Kermit lover. Remember Rainbow Connection? Also Miss Piggy and Kermit’s relationship always made me laugh.
      Here Hairy Maclary is minor’s favourite. Majors is Power Rangers.

      • One of the best Miss Piggy scenes was when she dance with Rudolf Nureyev on The Muppet Show! My mom loved Miss Piggy. She is an interesting lady – she certainly loves her man!

  2. I love Seasame Street but I really like the old school characters — Big Bird, Oscar, Ernie and Bert, Cookie Monster. That show has managed to stay relevant for all of these years.

  3. I’m not sure of his name,but it was the guy in the lab coat that walked around going ‘doo bee doo’, i think it was beaker. So many laughs.

  4. I love Elmo and Sesame Street (we just watched the 40th Anniversary DVDs) and I really love your blog – such a nice idea. (Thank you for visiting mine.)

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