I Love You When You’re Sleeping

sleepingGuest Post by Belinda Tidswell.

I love you when you’re sleeping.

“The only thing worth stealing is a kiss from a sleeping child.”- Joe Houldsworth

I used to sit there for hours when my kids were babies and watch them peacefully sleep. They looked so cute and innocent. Then they would wake up and that vision quickly fades from your memory, wrapped up in all that the day throws at you, feeding, nappies, vomit!

Now that my babies are a bit older, I still check on them each night before I go to bed. I sleepily take each of them to the toilet and give them a final cuddle, sometimes more for me than for them. It’s still nice to have contact with them but hear no sound. Pure bliss! There’s no, “Mum, he hit me on the head with a car,” or, “Mum, she’s got my teddy”. I am not a fan of listening to the sibling battles in our house. My ears are very sensitive to the screeching and screaming that accompanies it! I like calm and quiet.

I especially loved you both when Grandma and Grandpa had you to sleep over at their house recently when my other half and I celebrated our anniversary. It felt very strange to go to dinner and not have to worry about discipline and the slight embarrassment of unexpected events that accompany public outings with children. It’s funny how my husband and I spent half the evening talking about our children. I did miss that I didn’t get to tuck them in and kiss them goodnight.

I know I had better enjoy their sleepy moments while I can. As they get older they will start to think I am a bit weird, checking on them in the middle of the night! Unless I have reason, that is, to believe they’ve escaped out of their bedroom window to go to a party!

Sleep well and sleep in my loves. xxx

(Bonus point for those of you who find the ‘hearts’ in today’s image).

For those who dare to care this is Belinda’s debut as a blogger. She is my go-to-girl for everything-all things kiddish, groaning and, most importantly, wine. I would like to publicly offer my sincere heartfelt thanks to Belinda for taking the time to write this. I know you pondered every word Bel and I think that shows in the fine blog entry you have created.

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13 thoughts on “I Love You When You’re Sleeping

  1. Love the sleeping child. They are never too old to be checked on. In fact, I woke very early this morning and couldn’t sleep. So I check on my baby…sleeping blissfully, with a bit of a stuffy nose…she is perfect, beautiful, sweet, funny, kind, wise…oh and she is 13. Still my sleeping baby.

  2. awesome debut! when i read this i had a thought about something i have been thinking about (huh??) – though my boys are older, when they are sleeping, they still look like the little guys they were when they little. Especially Peyton. You know what i miss? when they were babies and they would end up in child’s pose (the yoga position name after this phenomenon) I used to love to pat their little rears with the palm of my hand. hard to place into words why i liked this so much, i just did.

    • I do understand what you’re saying. I think it is the innocence that shines through when they’re asleep that resembles infancy.

      It seems such an unnatural way to sleep but most seem to do it at some stage. My boys both did. Is it a boy thing?

      As a yoga position it is very comfortable.

      • i think boys and girls do. A funny thing happened today – Jordan sent me an email from vacation – a picture of Peyton sleeping. He is always taking pics of Peyt and doing strange things with them – he has all of these apps which change a photo. Peyt is going to freak out when he sees what Jordan has been doing behind his back! Yes, of course I will tell Peyton. It is my duty – i love to stir up the pot!

      • It’s funny that they find it humourous when we find it heartwarming.
        Ah, boys! Gotta love them.
        I would do the same in your position. I mean I will when my time comes.

      • let me say boys are a unique bunch. i am an only child, so the whole boy thing started out a bit odd for me – but now that i got a hang of it, i can be just as gross as they and foolish:) i must say they keep me in stitches!

      • good thing because boys do like to dish! what would be real cruel is to post a picture that Jordan’s took of himself. He added a mustache (he wants to grow a mustache). Anyhoo, he added one that makes him look like a porn star. Yes, a porn star. He thinks it is cool. I cannot bare to tell him…..

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