Hair, There and Everywhere, I Love You

hairI love maintenance-free (almost) boys hair!

Thank your lucky stars, if you have boys, you don’t have to perform hair miracles like the one shown here on this gorgeous girl’s head. I’d be in a world of panic if I had to recreate this at any given time-let alone on a school morning! Don’t get me wrong, as a kid my Barbies had some of the best hair do’s on the block. Now, I’m armed with a comb and that’s it. If you need any product or zhuzhing, go see your father.

Bed head or bed hair makes me giggle. I wonder what they might have been doing overnight to get such a small amount of hair into such a state.  And try as I might those cockies won’t stay down. You can dampen, comb and pat down as long as you like but they’re there for the long haul. Anybody who sees my sons in this state must think I don’t give a hoot what they look like.

I also love the fact that we only have to use a small amount of shampoo and hey presto! You’re done. No conditioning necessary, just a towel-off and you’re good to go. In Winter it’s also a bonus as it takes only minutes to dry.

When the times comes for the next round of haircuts, which is does all too quickly with boys, were off to the barber’s. I take little boys in with me and I bring out little men. Their heads are lighter and so is my purse. There’s something about having a close call with the scissors that makes them look more grown up than they really are. One thing the boys love is sitting in the big swivel chair and getting raised up high into the air like a king on a throne. The best part for me is that both of my children go mute as if under a trance as the clippers do their work. Maybe it’s fear they’ll lose an ear or the sensation of the vibration rattling through their skull.  Possibly they just like checking themselves out and are admiring the view. Who knows?  The transformation they see take place before their very eyes may be the reason or they might be in awe of the dexterity which is displayed by Tony, our barber who rocks.

Perhaps this is why both boys, at around the ages of 3- give or take, have taken a pair of scissors to their own hair. No. 1 took a chunk right out the front of the fringey part in his hairdressing endeavour. No. 2 only recently went for a near-to-the-scalp chop on the top right hand side of his head. I am assured that most kids do this at some point. This is where being a boy and wearing their hair short comes as a bonus. It doesn’t take long for the hair to grow enough so that it’s less noticeable. Then it’s back to Tony to get him to fix up their foray.

I wonder if my kids’ generation will go through a long hair phase like the boys did when I was a teenager? Hopefully they’ll have a job by then and be able to buy their own hairdryer. I’m not planning on competing with my sons for mirror time.

I love your 1-minute hair styles.

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6 thoughts on “Hair, There and Everywhere, I Love You

  1. Yes, yes I am jealous. Each morning I do my eldest girls hair followed by my middle girl. Then the little guy hops up in the chair expectantly – investigating the various ribbons and colourful hair clips before him. I quickly run a brush through his mop of hair but too late, we must go; his sisters are out the door!

    • I think it would be nice to do once in a while. I have a neice so maybe I’ll be able to give my sister a break once every so often. If I had girls it would be a pony tail every day or done at night so they’d be ready in the morning.

  2. Yes, I say hallelujah. To have boys means no hair bands, barrettes,……and bed head is the greatest. I adore it. So cute. Both of my boys did not care much until middle school – 6 grade. Then the next thing I know, time is being spent in the bathroom with wet hand towels and puddles – once I thought the floor sprouted a lake. My oldest keeps his hair short. He has very thick hair, thus bed head still occurs. The youngest, likes his hair a little longer – still short and he has changed his shower time to mornings instead of evenings – unless he stinks – wait till your boys start to stink!! Then it is two showers a day!!! And they are long showers.
    Boys are pretty darn awesome. And thank heavens they do not wear makeup!! (Of course it could happen I suppose – if it does – they will be old enough to buy their own and apply it!! – knowing their dad, I suspect no makeup in their futures.). 🙂

  3. I laugh every morning when I see my boys hair. It is usually one side of their hair is up and the other side down. I do envy them. It is a process to do my hair.

  4. I envy those with boys! Every morning is a battle with the bed hair in our house. I’m not sure what she does during the night but whatever it is – she leads with the head! 😀

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