You are the Apples of My Eye and I Love You

appleI love my sweet apples.

Apples with skin on or naked? The results of this poll will determine how I eat apples for the rest of my days. That is, if I can get more than 10 apple lovers to respond to this post.

The reason I’m asking is because recently my son who is 5 has asked to have his apple a la natural. I know the facts about apple skins and how many nutrients are crammed into its natural packaging. My concern is what I can’t see and what I can feel. Apples are naturally coated in a wax to make them shiny and appealing to the eye. Goodness only knows what attaches itself to the wax or what was already on the apple before it was coated.

It would be safe to assume that everyone has heard the saying, ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away,’ since it has been around for nearly 150 years. As a side note I was interested to learn from that the original version was, ‘eat an apple on going to bed, and you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread,’ which was a Pembrokeshire proverb. I think I can safely assume that eating an apple, skin or not, is better than not eating the apple at all.

The apple skin debate raged for about 5 minutes in our home. Personally I’m of the opinion that Master 5 has alterior motives (when did he learn manipulation skills?). Wobbly teeth season hit our place at about the same time as the request for skin left on. I think he’s looking at having the ledger in his favour with the tooth fairy. Not exactly a get-rich-quick-scheme but one way or another he’ll get to eat his apple. Lucky he’s not William Tell’s son otherwise that apple would have an arrow smack-bang through the middle of it.

So whether you and your kids prefer their Granny to their Pink Lady, be a sweetie and weigh in on the debate below.

I love you every day! How do ya like dem apples?

Image from: here.


7 thoughts on “You are the Apples of My Eye and I Love You

  1. Apples with skin. There is just something about the sound:)
    I do like to peel apples – with a knife. My mom could peel an apple perfectly – creating the perfect apple skin spiral. I would get so excited to watch her. So every now and then – especially during apple picking season when I make apple sauce I must try and make perfect spirals.

    • I love using the apple spiral contraptions. It takes the core out, peels it and ‘slinkies’ the apple all at the same time. The device does look like one used for torture. There is something about peeling an apple from go to wo without it breaking. A simple yet awesome feat. Crunching an apple is a great sound-I agree.

  2. For me; Pink Lady, eaten whole with skin; one of my daughter’s loves it like this too – the other one is partial to eating Granny Smith’s whole with skin. My son likes all varieties but it must be cut up (or he won’t eat it) and although I always keep the skin on, he leaves it; just munching the ‘flesh’ and leaving the skin on his plate! I’m determined to convert him – peeling apples is too high maintenance for me.

    • I am glad not to have to peel anymore except when stewing them. Almost 3 has an aversion to apples but when he does decide to like them I’ll probably have to peel again. The different coloured apples in your fruit basket must look beautiful.

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