I Love You Kids

goats kidsNo kidding! I do love you.

Ok, I’ll put all goat/kid jokes aside for the express purpose of your reading pleasure plus your inward groans will accompany me into the wee hours otherwise.

Have you ever noticed the similarities between a kid and a child? Seriously! There’s many that can’t be overlooked. When I started thinking about it the more I questioned whether baby goats were named kids first or whether we call children kids frequently because they resemble a baby goat in behaviour.

I recently saw a ‘Parenting test’ on FB that suggested yet-to-be-parents take a goat into the store when buying groceries. ‘Be sure to pay for everything the goat eats,’ was the key to that little test. I can imagine taking a goat and being banned from the store for life. I wonder if children ever get banned?

My kids seem to think they are goats of the mountain variety and will try and scale a vertical surface to perch on a ledge at the top. ‘You think that’s a good idea? Don’t you watch the goats? They fall off you know!’ It’s a fact that mountain goats don’t live as long as their flat dwelling cousins.

Baby goats are all legs. The way that they jump in the middle of running is nothing short of funny. Young children don’t walk anywhere. They run, hop, skip, jump, turn circles, side step and prance like a horse from point A to point B.

A goat’s call is ‘maa.’ Some kids call their mum the same. Female goats can be called nannies. Hmmm?

Goats can be very stubborn creatures. Ditto for my boys.

And what’s with the headbutting? We may lock horns once in a while but I love my kids.

Drop me a line or two about how kids are goat-like. It’d be great to hear your stories especially if they feature kids called Billy.

I kid you not-I love you.

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4 thoughts on “I Love You Kids

  1. humph – interesting information. it is funny you would mention goats. my son jordan (the pain eraser kid) makes up some really interesting poetry. He wrote a poem about me in which he compared me to a goat! he said it was the only thing that rhymed. humph – think about that – a mom being compared to a goat. i was flattered. i have, however, not let him forget about the fact he compared his mom to a goat. I told him this will not fly with a girlfriend or a future wife:)

    • Goats have some alluring qualities don’t they? I’ll get back to you on that one. Whatever he was trying to rhyme with, lucky it didn’t rhyme with camel or hippo. Would highly recommend he doesn’t call his future wife a doe.

      • I was going to post one of his poems. About life being like an Oreo cookie. Believe it or not, I read it at Bill’s funeral. He loved cookies and the three boys spent quite a bit of time over the years stuffing Oreos in their mouths. This poem is bit interesting. I mean someone might think he was smoking something when he wrote it – he was like in the 8th grade. ;). Btw, do you have Oreos where you live?

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