I Love You From the Bottom of My Heart?

Whichever way you read it, I love you is the only part of the message that matters, yes?Valentine poster 1

Mixed messages are commonplace in our society. They are used in advertising campaigns, for the purpose of humour, daily conversations and many other reasons that I won’t go into now.

When I ventured into the realm of blogging I had no clue that it would have such a massive impact on my world. Mixed messages abounded on the topic of blogging-the best time to post, content, engagement, advertising…and the list goes on. I was overwhelmed to say the least and still am to an extent when I look at my stats.

For those of you who love a good stat overview:

Posts: 79

Views: 1772

Best ever views: 86

Comments: 257

Followers (Inc. publicize): 154

I don’t know if these are high, low or inbetween what a new blogger could possibly expect. To be completely honest, I don’t really care. All I truly care about is the good folk from across the world who have taken just a moment to see what I have to share.

For me that is the essence in all of this. I set out in my delapidated dinghy near-on 3 months ago wondering if I would find another soul on my journey who would give my thoughts a voice. Many of you have-you’ve made it all worthwhile.

Before I began I had made the decision to write and post daily. In retrospect this was unrealistic. If biting off more than one can chew is true here then I took a large chunk off an elephant. I quickly realised that it wasn’t just about posting. It was about reading, connecting, commenting and engaging. Regrets? No. Changes? Yes.

Daily posting without reading is not doable. Reading without posting or commenting would be okay if I didn’t feel a compulsion to express my thoughts creatively. A compromise is deemed the only solution.

So, it is with this goal in mind that I have made the only choice I see fit and turn this boat around and paddle like billy-o for dry land at knock off time on Fridays. I’ll still be around but I can focus on THE most important part of the week which is, of course, the weekend with my fellas-big and small x 2.

To my followers who hit that like button for every piece of writing I post, I do love you from the heart of my bottom. That’s because I sit on it to write and stillness is something I don’t do well normally. A warm, heartfelt…..

bottom heart

for those who take offence to any thought of my posterior.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone.
My family are off to my neice’s 4th birthday. After all, family comes first!



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9 thoughts on “I Love You From the Bottom of My Heart?

  1. I enjoy your posts because they are short and sweet…just the right balance to go along with the other posts I read that are slightly longer. Have a great weekend with the boys!

    • Thanks, Mrs. P! Balance is the key and throughout life everyone readjusts the scales when the need arises. I’m trying to ensure that I keep my needs and my family’s needs met. I will enjoy my reclaimed time, thank you. I hope you have a stellar day tomorrow. A new slice of love will be posted Monday. Kelly.

  2. Great little post, I’ve encountered loads of mixed messages about blogging but the main thing I have trouble with is getting people to comment on my posts. I blog once or twice a week now and it works well but I notice I get a dry spell about 2 or three days after a post (no views, no likes, definitely no comments, basically just the odd google image searcher stumbling my way, though I’m happy to have them come visit, they don’t tend to stay long) any advice?

    • Hi John,
      From my experience reading, the most commented on posts are somewhat controversial in nature or ask for advice from the reader. Many people are keen to enter debates or dish out advice. ‘Top ten’ posts seem to get lots of views. Reblogging someone else’s post in between your usual posts could help stop the lull in views. Hope something here helps!

  3. Have a wonderful time with your men!
    Btw – I enjoy reading your work because I can relate to it and I just enjoy the way your write. Taking time off is a good thing. For those of us who follow you and those who have not discovered you yet – your time away makes us miss you! Who ever coined the phrase “absence makes the heart grow fonder” was not kidding!

    • How many o’s am I allowed to put on the end of so to say thank you sooo much! You gave me that warm fuzzy feeling just knowing that one single person values my words. I love what I do but it gives an even greater sense of satisfaction to know I’m not speaking to an empty theatre. I won’t go too far, I promise. I’ll be commenting and reading on weekends. Taking a step back will allow me to see the bigger picture.

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