I Love You at Any Cost

cost money can't buy loveLove doesn’t cost a dime.

Thank goodness! People everywhere would be shelling out a whole heap more cash if you had to go and purchase it at the store or online.

So whether you’re ‘classified’ as residing in the uppercrust of today’s society, good old-fashioned working class or the working poor you can give your children love with the best of them.

I may not have a money tree but I have a mountain of love for my boys. With one at school and one still at home I work part time to provide a little extra income for our family. I could work full time but choose not to so I can spend time with my youngest before he heads off to kindy next year. We can’t afford to go on overseas holidays or indulge their every whim but we provide bucketloads of love from which they can fill their pails. Once they’re both at school their teachers will see them more waking hours than I do. So I’m not willing to sacrifice this time I love for money.

Imagine having to add love to the cost of the weekly food bill! The little monsters angels cost enough as it is. The in-depth research I conducted on news.com states that the Federal Government in Australia estimates that it costs $384,543 to raise a child to 18. To break it down that’s approx $21,000 per year x by how many children in your family. For me that equals one massive hole in each pocket. All is well though because Love = Free.

I love you freely.

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4 thoughts on “I Love You at Any Cost

  1. wait till they hit puberty – my two boys can eat like a hoard of elephants and they are still hungry. where the food goes not certain. my youngest Peyton grew almost almost a half a foot in one year! we have this thing about my cooking – why mine is better than their step mom’s and grandmother – i add love to it. it has been my secret ingredient since forever – and they still to this day say it!

    • Oh yeah I’m really looking forward to that part. The food bill is going to go through the roof. I’m not a lover of cooking but I do ensure what I make has an extra spoonful of love added to the ingredients.

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