My Heart Melts With Love For You

hot heart ice cubes meltingYour love melts my heart.

Noooooooo! Not another sappy, love-filled post. Nah. It’s about something completely different so read on if you’re wondering where this might be going.

When it’s 38°C outside there’s only one thing to do. Stay cool and keep calm.

It’s been above 30 for over a week with high humidity on most of those days and a 39°C day to come tomorrow.

After a few days you can notice the strain on people as we face yet another day of high temperatures. Employing any method possible to cope with the weather and keep your wits about you at the same time is essential. It is far too easy to let your patience fray at the edges with the added concern of keeping everyone as cool as possible.

Our strategies for survival over the past week or so have been to:

  • plan outings for the morning-that way we’re not all stuck inside all day long
  • fill the 9Ltr water container in our fridge at night ready for the next day
  • make fruit juice popsicles/ice blocks to have in the afternoons
  • use spray bottles to mist our faces when out in the middle of the day
  • water the lawn in the early evening with the sprinkler so the kids can run under it.

A trip to the beach early this morning did have my heart in a drippy state but I wasn’t suffering from sunstroke. I was able to sit in the shade and watch my family at play. This is not something I do often and must remember to take a step back and observe the three men in my life at regular intervals. They are more important to me than wearing thongs on my feet as I navigate the searing sand. My heart may have warmed in that moment but it had nothing to do with the temperature. When we returned I felt energised and calm at the same time even though I looked wilted, windswept and gritty. The kids had a blast and no-one got burnt.

Surviving the extremes in your part of the world? Care to share how you cope?

My heart melts with yours.

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2 thoughts on “My Heart Melts With Love For You

  1. sounds like fun – mine got to help shovel snow – which is now melting rapidly due to an increase in temps and now a ton of rain – I may need them to row the boat to school!

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