I Love You, Stat!

statI love you in the here and now.

You know me like nobody else does. Inside out really. My lack of maternal instinct should never have been an issue but it was.

For me.

I never knew that I had the capacity to feel such an encompassing, overwhelming love for another human being-let alone two of you.

I’m not going to share your birth stories (or sagas as I remember them). They were just how you got here and don’t contribute whatsoever to who you are.

‘Get (ffff), this (ffff), baby (ffff), out (ffff), of (ffff) me (ffff), stat!’ was what I wanted to holler at the midwife. I had no clue what stat meant although I had deduced from many an ER episode that it meant fast. Why weren’t there people running in every direction grabbing gurneys and monitors and other important medical stuff? This part is just not meant to happen in an instant. I wanted you here now-to meet you, to hold you and to make sure I was going to love you.

I needn’t have worried though. Being maternal (pre-children) is not all its cracked up to be. My family, who apparently love me dearly, always claimed that I would only have one child. They would also state that I am a determined little bugger if asked. One 24 hour labour was not going to stop me from having another child. 1 day sounds so insignificant in comparison to the rest of your life.

The rest of their lives though fly by in a blur of milestones and years. My eldest turns 6 this year and my youngest 3.  Did we break the land-speed record to go from birth – 6 in 3.8 seconds? Parents with older children always remark, ‘the next thing you know they’ll be getting their licence.’

So I will love you right here right now, immediately and at every available opportunity. STAT!

Image from: here.


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