I Love You at the Library

Love_the_Library_logo_3[1][1]I’m loving life at the library.

Do you have a love of literature? Which section draws you into its depths when you enter? Do you love a good fantasy novel or are you a chic lit lover?

No matter what kind of genre you are passionate about it can all be found under one roof.

I’ll admit it. Right here, right now. I’m a library lover and I have tried to instill that same love in my kids.

A visit to our local community library is something we indulge in at least once a fortnight. Our first stop now is, of course, the children’s section. Here the kids will divide and conquer the fiction, non-fiction and toy library like a mini army of soldiers. Their missions at present are to find dinosaur, Star Wars, Peppa Pig and truck books and toys. Fortunately the adult fiction is right nearby so I can manage a quick glance over the titles as the little people go about their duties. We always make time to read a book or two on the comfy lounges at the library where there’s no phone for me to answer and no pan on the stove to tend to.

We never leave the library with an empty bag. It’s always filled with books that have been well loved or ready to be lovingly read for the first time. These jewels are especially rare and my No. 1 is always excited when he seeks out a new book on a subject we know so well.

Our library has just announced that eBooks and audiobooks will be available to download soon-anytime, anywhere. I’m not sure if I’m in love with the idea or sad that physical books may someday cease to exist.

I can’t imagine not visiting the library. That smell of old titles lingering on the shelves just waiting for somebody to show them a little love. Looking for the next title that’s going to be lovingly adopted. The sound of pages being thumbed as the words on the page engross its reader. I can’t imagine a life without libraries for my children. That’s almost comparable to a life without love.

I love library time with my littlies.

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8 thoughts on “I Love You at the Library

  1. Gotta love the library – believe me – an e-book will never compare to the feeling of turning a page, watching one’s progress thru the chapters (visually seeing the chapters pass by) – I adore the library and my boys are library junkies!

    btw – i want to thank you again for the nomination of VIB – I went thru the steps and now I am thinking i screwed up the ping thing. Gee, this techie stuff is tough:) I will figure it out – thanks for the opportunity!

    • Libraries are changing with the times now though. They are becoming multimedia centres. It’s not just about books anymore.

      On the noms times side of things, don’t worry too much. As long as you let your selected blogs know that’s ok. The pingbacks are not so important. If you want to ‘fix’ it and you need help please let me know.

  2. Love the library; as do the kids. Also love my kindle but I am not sure the kids understand the kindle is a ‘book’ or that I am reading. I tend to read the kindle when they are asleep anyway. They still see me reading plenty of ‘real’ books – it’s an addiction I can’t hide!

      • Definitely through good modelling! I’m modest aren’t I? However, my evidence is; I do read between 3 and 9 picture books with them a day. I love my kindle but I have to say it didn’t stop me recently when I ‘picked up a book in a bookshop’. That feel of a book in my hands that I want to read – although I could have waited and bought it electronically I suppose – I just had to have the physical book. I think if you are a booklover you will love a kindle but it definitely doesn’t mean the end of a physical book for me.

      • Your modesty is accepted here. You’ve also backed it up with facts so I’d definitely agree with you.
        I love paper but I can see a kindle making its way into my home and heart. It won’t be the end of books for me though either.
        Happy reading in whatever form you choose.

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