I Love Bloggers’ Awards

I’ve been here in Bloggersville for two months now and was pretty darn chuffed to receive, not one but two, blogging awards this week. So without further ado I’ll get on with this one first.

With much gratitude and thanks to Mama Bear Musings for sharing the love.

sisterhood-of-the-world-bloggers-award-iFollowing the guidelines, here are 7 things about me:

1.  I have a wonderful husband who has the innate ability to lose his car keys.

2. Aside from being a mum, I am a relief teacher (substitute teacher) and wanna-be speed reader.

3. I cannot do one thing at once and I find sitting still and doing nothing difficult.

4. I don’t like things ‘in my face’. You know, things thrust towards you that stop millimetres from your eyes. You can’t see them because they’re just too close to focus on. Makes life fun with two under 6 and my profession.

5.  I have one wonky tooth and should have listened to my parents when the option of braces was on the table.

6. Wherever I sleep, it is always closest to the door. That way I can be first out the door if there’s a fire or other calamity.

7. I crave solitude.

And now onto the most important part (drumroll please)…….

Seven sisters who may not have known they wanted this award until they got it:

1. Momtactics
2. Mom In The Muddle
3. Laurie’s Notes
4. Trying to Be a Yummy Mummy
5. Grandma Says
6. Life with Pink Princesses
7. Metal Angel

I hope you love receiving your award as much as I did.


10 thoughts on “I Love Bloggers’ Awards

  1. Thank you. Yes, it takes a little extra time to do, but I enjoy supporting each other with these. I don’t think there is an expiration 🙂 ?
    Though I have to get my husband to help me still.
    Much peace,

    • Take your time. I think I got mine yesterday or the day before. Kids come before blog awards in my little world.
      Hope your husband can make it as easy as possible.
      Take care,

  2. Thanks, so very kind of you. And congrats to you. I also don’t like things thrust in my face. I can’t focus. I crave solitude. Both things that were big surprises when I had kids. 🙂

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