At the End of the Day, I Love You.

martiniI love you as the day comes to an end.

The best part of the day, for many reasons, is the pointy end. Think of your day as an upside down triangle or martini glass. At the beginning of the day my glass is full. Full of love, vitality, hope, patience, the ability to praise, resolve issues while remaining calm and many other ‘great mum’ qualities.

As each stage of the day passes and the kids sip from my glass, I try to focus on what remains in the glass not what has been drained. After we have made it through the hour of power (aka, please give me the strength the make it through dinner, dishes, bath, pj’s hour) I steel glances at the clock and the countdown is on. If I get a chance I like to slip away from the house and sit out on the back lawn for a few minutes to soak up the last rays of the day and top up my Vitamin D.

I don’t wish that time to be over. It just seems to be the longest hour of the day. Happy hour is approaching and I’m parched. I need to refill my glass. Something with medicinal qualities to help calm and relax. E.B. White called the martini, ‘the elixir of quietude.’

At the end of the day I like to reflect on conversations we’ve had, fun things we’ve done together and the love that’s been shared. Working out a game plan for the next day while allowing some room for flexibility helps me to be ready for the day ahead. Then it’s time to switch off, unwind the tightly coiled spring and allow my inner voice to speak without having to shout.

Who’s getting the next round? Make mine a dirty martini with an olive.

I love you when the day is done.

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2 thoughts on “At the End of the Day, I Love You.

  1. Perfection! That longest hour of the day seems to go on forever but the reflections that come afterwards always seem to energize me enough to do it all over again the next day.

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