I Love You to Bits (and Pieces)

puzzle heartI love all of you-even the bits and pieces.

When it feels like everything is falling apart at the seams love can put anything back together. I don’t know if the same can be said for the excavator with the plastic arm that was bought for $2. Its life is probably on borrowed time. There’s only a certain amount of superglue that can be put on a piece of plastic that is 2mm wide.

Lucky we don’t need superglue to put our boys back together sometimes (although it is used in hospitals instead of stitches when appropriate)! I think we’d need a long-haul liquid transprort truck to deliver it to our house if that were the case. Lucky for Transformer bandaids (plasters) or a strategically placed kiss and a lot of love to make it better. If it’s in between minute and need-to-go-to-the-hospital-right-now we offer to cut it off. That way it won’t hurt anymore, right?

The same can’t be said for my foot when it has a clandestine meeting with a piece of discarded lego that has hunkered down under a dropped blanket. I think I’ll bear the scars of trodden on items for the rest of my years. As for all the other bits and pieces that accumulate in between the sofa cushions, under the sofa and behind the sofa I’d love a dollar for every single one I pick up.

We do not have an Ikea showroom home but we have a place for everything and everything belongs in its place. We have drawers and zip-lock bags, containers and boxes. The one thing that drives me the most nuts of all:one puzzle piece missing from a box and not realising until you can’t find that last piece to complete the darn thing.

I guess it’s fortunate really that kids don’t come apart. They probably would actually leave their brain behind if that were the case. Even though they are not made to be stored compactly in a compartment they can certainly be a human puzzle that you can’t find that annoying, frustrating and most important missing piece to.

Lucky I love a challenge. Maybe I’ll go check that puzzle piece-eating sofa.

Love ya to bits, munchkins.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles from: here.

4 thoughts on “I Love You to Bits (and Pieces)

  1. Isn’t the appetite of a couch amazing? when my oldest received his first cell phone, he had it for about one month and then it went poof! we spent the day taking apart my house – nowhere. when he went to his dad’s house, they did the same (or so they said). everyone insisted it was in my house. i insisted no. fast forward two years – his dad and step mom bought a new house and as they were moving, it seems a cell phone dropped out of the bottom of a couch – somehow got deep in the bowels of the couch and when it was time to move, the couch spit it out! Which makes me wonder, maybe that million dollar lottery ticket i bought is in the couch:)

  2. ah yes.. the all too familar piece of lego lying on the floor which belongs to mr no-one who lives in my house rent free… Really enjoyed this and thanks for making me smile.

    • It’s amazing how no-one owns a lot in my house too when it comes time to pack up. No-one has a lot of toys. Thank you so much for reading and your kind comment. Glad it had you smiling.

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